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About PRC Study

Study Abroad in China, China & Learn Mandarin Chinese!
About PRC Study

Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese PRC Study was founded in 2002 to assist foreigners wanting to study Mandarin Chinese language (Putonghua) abroad in China to select the most appropriate school for their needs. Our role is to also help with pre-departure procedures from your home country through to the end of your immersion program in China. This includes assisting students to better understand Chinese culture and way of life gearing up to realizing the various business and trade opportunities offered in China. We will also offer assistance to help students find work placement, such as internships, part or full time employment in China.

All of the China programs and Chinese classes offered by universities through PRC Study have been designed to combine the most modern learning techniques with interesting and stimulating Chinese-related subject matters thus making Mandarin Chinese language (Putonghua) learning enjoyable.

Currently, PRC Study works in association with Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), Peking University, Tsinghua University, and University of International Business & Economics (UIBE). We offer attractive prices and comprehensive services. Most importantly, we offer a safe and friendly immersion environment to experience, learn and study in the People's Republic of China.

In introducing Beijing and China to students, PRC Study also organizes free guided social activities, such as karaoke, mah-jiang, peking duck feast, and free guided tours to China landmarks such as the Great Wall, Tian anmen, Summer Palace, Forbidden City and the likes. From time to time, PRC Study also organizes weekend excursions to cities like Shanghai, Dalian, Chengdu, Xian, Qingdao, Tianjin.

PRC Study has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Vancouver, Canada. All of our offices are selected for their central locations, modern facilities, proximity to popular attractions and their professional environments. You can enquire about the China programs offered in Beijing through any of our PRC Study office locations.

Please ask us for more information at info (at)prcstudy.com and we will be glad to assist you in planning your Chinese studies.

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PRC Study's focus is very clear - to provide the best service at affordable prices to students wanting to study Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) in Beijing, China. In the near future, we will also offer programs in Shanghai.

We work with the best universities in China to provide a range of Chinese courses and programs of the highest quality to students. We have already established relationships with the leading schools in Beijing and we plan to bring existing universities from Shanghai offering top-notch language programs into the group. Standards are closely monitored with a number of different initiatives and evaluations carried out by the Quality Assurance team.

We take pride in constantly working to ensure that our students receive the best education and experience in China. We continue to expand the range of Chinese programs we offer to meet the growing needs of our students. Because our focus is on satisfying our clients, we offer programs specifically targeting the business executive, the average student, the Martial Artist, and the leisure learner.

We are in the business to serve you, to break down communication barriers and to help you succeed in your personal and study goals.

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