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PRC Study Mission Statement

Study Abroad in China & Learn Mandarin Chinese!

Mission Statement

PRC Study is committed to helping foreign students in their quest to master the art of Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) enabling them to become world leaders who are capable of building bridges between the east and the west, not only through language, but also through business and culture.

Providing highest standards in the area of academics in its China programs, elective classes, extra-curricular activities, accommodation provision and student services, PRC Study aims to:

  • Provide high quality learning
  • Make language learning fun and enjoyable
  • Help students speak Mandarin fluently, as well as read and write Chinese easily
  • Promote understanding of Chinese culture
  • Help participants network with the Chinese community to generate future business/career opportunities
  • Provide an international environment which fosters enduring friendships
  • Apply honesty, patience and respect in all interactions
  • Invite students to experience an adventure in learning

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