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Student Development Assessment and Quality Assurance Team

Every student is important to us! At PRC Study, we make every effort to monitor each student's development and to ensure that each student is continuously given ample opportunities to practice Mandarin Chinese.

Not only do we closely monitor student's Chinese language development progress, but we also monitor to ensure that every participant has a fulfilling and enjoyable China experience. PRC Study is here to help and reinforce students' China experience as related to:

  • Language
    To learn Chinese as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Culture
    To cultivate students passion for Chinese culture
  • Business
    To understand Chinese business practices and customs
  • Environment
    To have students settle comfortably in their new environment while learning about Chinese lifestyle
  • Friendship
    To network and make new friends, not only from China, but from all over the world
  • Exploration
    To have an exciting and rewarding China adventure and to learn about Chinese language, business, culture & way of life

During classes, students' Chinese language development progress is regularly assessed by homework assignments and tests throughout the program. Students participating in the semester and academic year programs will also have formal mid-terms and final examinations.

Out-of-class, the PRC Study Quality Assurance team will closely monitor the students' developmental process.

  • Teachers provide after-class tutorials, homework support, electives, while giving continuous encouragement and support to help students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language and culture
  • Student Coordinators continuously work on providing an exciting agenda of events to students so that they are constantly learning more about China, its culture and people
  • Program Consultants help students with program and course counseling, as well as with students' daily life needs to ensure they are getting the most out of their China experience
  • Every team member at PRC Study is sure to encourage students to speak Chinese whenever and wherever possible!

At PRC Study we listen to our students as we value our students' comments and feedbacks so that we may continuously improve our service offerings. Our satisfaction is to ensure that we and our partners are always providing the best educational services and that the students have a productive and rewarding experience.

We are your family in China and we are your home away from home!


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