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Corporate Programs:

Learn Business Chinese, Learn Chinese Business

  • Corporate Language Programs
  • Executive Business Programs
  • Business Travel Programs
  • Language Programs

    Whatever your or your company's language needs, PRC Study has the solutions. We provide Mandarin Chinese and English language programs designed to your specific requirements, taught by a first-class team of experienced, certified teachers.

  • Need a short-term, intensive class in the basics of Mandarin Chinese? We     can do it.
  • Want one-on-one classes for polishing up your negotiation skills in Chinese?     We can do it.
  • Combined English and Chinese training for employees' bilingual     development? We can do it.
  • Just tell us what you're aiming for, and we'll plan a course targeted on meeting your goals. Course content, duration, start dates, and class times are all up to you, as is the location ? if you can't come to our classrooms, our teachers will come to you.

    Language Program Case Study: Electronics company

    In 2006, PRC Study designed and carried out a six-month Mandarin Chinese program for a group of employees of a well-known Japanese electronics company.

    As the group had varying levels of Chinese, we recommended dividing them into two classes according to ability level, and planned a course of intensive two-hour classes, three times a week. To minimize disruption to the employees' already busy schedules, our teacher happily travelled to teach the classes in the company's headquarters!

    Six months of hard work paid off, with students developing greater confidence and fluency in the language. ?When I arrived I thought I'd never be able to speak Chinese, one employee says. ?I used to take a taxi to work every day for convenience ? now I do it just to practise my Chinese with the driver!

    For more information, please contact info (at) prcstudy.com

    Executive China Business Programs

    Our Executive China Business Programs focus on equipping you with the know-how and insight to get more out of your business in China. Through the programs, clients make contacts with relevant Chinese industry counterparts, exchange ideas and experience, develop their knowledge and understanding of the Chinese market and their sector in China, and get a hands-on feel for how business in China works on the ground. Once again, your program is determined by your needs, but to give you a taste of what we can do, previous programs have included:

  • Lectures by business scholars from China's top universities and/or industry experts, introducing and examining China's dynamic business environment and its economic, political, legal, social and cultural spheres;
  • Seminars and panel discussions covering all aspects of doing business in China, conducted by senior representatives of both foreign and local companies, including Microsoft, Nokia, IBM, Petro China, Carrefour, China Mobile, KPMG, Warner Bros, Motorola, Volkswagen, and Price Waterhouse Coopers;
  • On-site visits extending learning beyond the classroom to offer an insightful examination into the day-to-day and overall business operations of a variety of foreign and local companies in China.
  • PRC Study clients have enjoyed on-site visits to enterprises like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Air China, LG-Phillips, Lenovo, China Mobile, BMW, CCTV, IKEA, Nokia, Samsung, Tetrapak, Shougang Group, Hyundai, Proctor & Gamble, and Time Warner.

    Executive China Business Program Case Study: Retail Corporation

    PRC Study planned a series of seminars and on-site visits for an international retailer, with the participation of both foreign and Chinese retailers, distribution companies and lawyers. Seminars allowed the client to build a solid understanding of the Chinese consumer market, including its implications for advertising and marketing, while learning from the experiences of other foreign retailers on entering the market and dealing with issues like distribution, employment regulations, and food safety.

    ?We were impressed by the scope of PRC Study's planning ? they covered all the angles we wanted to find out about, and a few we hadn't thought of, and the on-site visits were an invaluable learning experience for our executives. ? one of the corporation's executives comments on the program.

    For more information, please contact info (at) prcstudy.com

    Business Travel Programs

    If your business interests are spread across China, you'll need a more balanced understanding of what doing business is about in other parts of the country. Our Business Travel Programs are the ideal option: They can be tailored to include elements similar to the Executive Business Program, but taking you to another city, or multiple locations, dealing with issues like often-neglected regional differences, and local governance and its implications for

    Business Travel Program Case Study: Travel Company

    While simultaneously providing language training for the client's Chinese and foreign staff in Beijing, PRC Study organized a two-week tour of several cities in China for company managers to scout opportunities for expansion of their package tour service.

    Meetings were held with local tourism officials, as well as scholars on the field from universities in areas of mass tourism like Yunnan and Sichuan, which gave insight into the practicalities and challenges of organizing tours in the relevant regions. Additionally, visits to specific cultural sites were arranged in collaboration with site management to allow clients to consider possible sites for tours.

    One of the managers who participated in the program says: ?We have now set up several offices across China and introduced new tours covering a larger area of China than we previously offered ? PRC Study's Business Travel Program played a key role in providing the contacts and information we needed to make that step.

    For more information, please contact info (at) prcstudy.com

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    Study Mandarin Chinese in China
    Learn Chinese Language in China
    Learn Chinese Language in China

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