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On-Campus Student Dorms

When considering study abroad, finding high-quality accommodation is a priority. Most students are eager to find a comfortable, conveniently located, clean and secure base from which to enjoy their life and studies abroad. Therefore, at PRC Study we have prioritized these factors in seeking out appropriate university accommodation for our students.

Each of PRC Study's partner universities offer dorms for international students. Student Dorms offer a rich cultural experience, and are great places to meet many people from all over the world. Conditions vary from university to university, but all international student dorms are well-located, clean, comfortable, and most importantly safe, with 24-hour security.

Universities generally offer one- or two-bed rooms (PRC Study can allocate a suitable roommate for you at your request), rooms coming equipped with desks, chairs, a TV, telephone. Private bathrooms and Internet access are available in many universities, and shared kitchens and washing facilities are also often available for public use in dormitory buildings.

Note: The photos on this page are intended to give a rough idea of the appearance of dorms, and should not be taken as representative of all university dorm accommodation.

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Study Mandarin Chinese in China
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