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Study Chinese Language in China
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Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese
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Student Testimonials

Scott Devary, USA

Study Chinese Language in China My time in Beijing was marked by some of the most amazing experiences in my life, and I can't help but recall fondly the friendships, service, and tutoring that I had at PRC Study. PRC Study is more than just a company taking my money, it is far better than other companies that could be described at best as tourist organizations. PRC Study is the people who became my friends in Beijing, my family, and I can't wait to return to China to see them again. The highest praise I can give them is this: Vivian I'll be back soon to see you all.

Learn to Speak Mandarin ChineseAndreas Fubel, Student, Germany

"My Mandarin and HSK program is good. The HSK program I took was conducted very professionally and I am happy I passed the HSK exam. This will definitely be helpful for me in finding a job. The Mandarin language component of the program I attended was also very well-structured. My teachers were very experienced in teaching foreigners."

Learn Chinese Language in ChinaMarcolien Liefehber, Holland / Canada

"I always thought that the best way to learn Chinese is to live in an Chinese -speaking country. I have had an incredible improvement in my Putonghua since I have been here. I am thankful to all my teachers and new friends from all over the world. This is one of the best things that studying abroad can offer you."

Marius Holzer, Switzerland - MBA Graduate from Insead University

Learn Chinese at Top Chinese Universities "As a Mandarin beginner with only a short time available to start to study a new language I was looking for an intensive program that adapts to my needs and interests. I found PRC in the internet. I liked their offer and after some email exchanges with a friendly contact I enrolled in a one-on-one tuition (six weeks, four hours a day). It turned out to be the best possible choice for me. The quality of the teaching was beyond my expectations and I'm fully satisfied with my home stay arrangement. Today, after only six weeks of studying Mandarin I leave Beijing with the ability of reading and writing about 800 characters and I'm able to have a simple conversation in a day-to-day context."

Learn Chinese at Top Chinese Universities


China Internship

Love China!

Learn to Speak Chinese

Fabulous Teachers!

Sergey Mikhail Morgachev, Oil Industry, Russia

Learn to Speak Chinese "You did a great job! The China Business Program is excellent and I found the one-on-one meetings offered through the Corporate Premium Service really helped me to know a lot more about the industry I would like to focus on. I believe with the contacts I have made, our company in Russia, with headquarters in the UK, will now be able to enter the China market. I have nothing else to add. Don't change anything!"

Study Abroad in China Eva Budyanskaya, Real Estate Management, Sweden

"I really like the information I learned during the China Business Program, because I cannot hear it anywhere else. I like the topics the Program deals with, they are very interesting and useful if you want to do business in China. The discussions we had are very interesting, informative and exciting! Thank you!"

Yat-sen Nepomuceno, Entrepreneur, The Netherlands

China Business Program "What I like about the program is that the program caters to your specific needs as a student/professional. In the private meetings, for the Corporate Premium service, the students can ask anything they wish to learn about a certain business or field. One feels very comfortable to ask questions that may be of a more in-depth or specific nature. One can easily come in contact with the much needed 'guanxi' in the Chinese business world. A private meeting is extremely valuable and that is why the student can choose his-/herself which branches in the business market(s) he wishes to explore. The business lectures and seminars cover a broad range of topics from, for example, economic trends to insurance to franchising to Chinese law. The speakers are very professional and still the general mood is very open for dialogue and very interactive. The speakers offer a wide range of expertise and have had many years of experience in their field, this is evident in their general as well as in depth knowledge; they also explain in easy terms - this is especially useful for laymen (foreign students) who are not familiar with all fields or jargon."

Learn Chinese at Top Chinese Universities

Lisa Fields, USA
Extremely Informative!

Learn Chinese Language in China

Kate Shepard, Australia
Gregor Sadowski, France
Excellent Networking!

Study Chinese Language in China

Craig Lindsay, Canada
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Thorough & Complete!

Cathryn Masuda, Hawaii State University, USA

"I did a four week course at PRC Study in June 2005. I'm now working in Shanghai for an consultancy company. PRC Study gave me a really good foundation in Mandarin. When I got back to my home university in January 2006 after my travel adventure, I was placed in the Chinese 2 language class even though I was a total beginner when I started at PRC Study and had not studied Mandarin since your course in June 2005 - that's how good the classes at PRC Study were. "

Yukiko Doi, Japan

"I had only studied Mandarin for three months, but every day I could feel my Mandarin getting better. In Japan and USA, I felt that I couldn't learn Mandarin in the most effective way, but [here] there are excellent teachers who really make a difference - they are experienced in teaching foreign students. Before I started, I could only say 'yes', 'no', and ' thank you'. But now I speak with far more confidence, and I returned to Japan with a greatly improved speaking ability."

David P. Mixer, Partner, Point Judith Capital, USA

"I recommend the PRC Study Program. The staff was very helpful in handling all the administrative issues required for attending a Chinese University. They provided guidance on living options and most importantly provided a base for students to meet, relax and pursue supplemental tutoring. Their office is conveniently located within walking distance from the major Beijing universities. PRC Study also arranged many social and cultural outings, which truly enhanced my China experience."

Randeep Ramesh, India - Journalist, Guardian Newspaper in the UK

"Chinese is a long journey and PRC Study makes the first steps easier to take"

Calvin Ma, USA - Student, Wharton School of Business

"I really learnt a lot here, not only through the interactive teaching style, but also through the immersion experience of living in Beijing and interacting with local students. The business program is a great way to get to know professionals who are knowledgeable about doing business in China."

Swee Chang, USA - Bank of America

"Thank-you to all your colleagues who have helped to make my son's stay such an enjoyable one. Wei has thoroughly enjoyed his experience at the University going through the classes, meeting new friends and exposed to a different culture from the one he has had. Listening to his comments, I would not hesitate to recommend the course to my friends or their children. Thank you."

Marian Ko, Malaysia

"The best way to learn a language is to live it. My ability to learn Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese language) in my country was limited, therefore I chose to study in an Chinese-speaking country. Now that I have completed the course, and with my improved Chinese skills, I plan to open up my own Mandarin Language School when I return to my country."

"The best way to learn a language is to live it. My ability to learn Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese language) in my country was limited, therefore I chose to study in an Chinese-speaking country. Now that I have completed the course, and with my improved Chinese skills, I plan to open up my own Mandarin Language School when I return to my country."

Sophia Bono, Italy

"I always thought that the best way to learn Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese language) is to immerse in a Chinese society and mix with the locals. My Mandarin Chinese has improved incredibly since I have been in Beijing. I am thankful to all my teachers for their dedicated teaching. I'm also happy to have met so many new Chinese friends who have helped me to better understand Chinese culture and Chinese way of life. This is one of the best things that studying abroad can offer you."

Roberto Simmino, Switzerland

"I am studying in China not only because I want to learn Mandarin Chinese, but also because I like to meet new people. And that happened. I've met so many new friends, not only from China, but also from all different parts of the world. And through this, I've learned a great deal more about other cultures, and came to better understand other peoples ways of thinking."

Matsui Doi, Japan

"I had only studied Mandarin for three months, but every day I could feel my Mandarin getting better. In Japan, although I have tried, I felt I couldn't really grasp the Mandarin language in the most effective way, but [here in Beijing] there are excellent teachers who really make a difference. They are experienced in teaching foreign students. Before I started studying in Beijing, I could only say "yes," "no", "thank you" and other very simple sentences. But now I can speak with far more confidence and can converse on many different topics. And I'm really impressed because all this happened in only three months!"

Sulhee Lee, Korea

"In Korea, many people want to get into University. In order to get into a University, we must pass the HSK exam with excellent marks. But the HSK exam is in Chinese, so I thought the best way to pass this exam is to study in a city where everyone speaks Mandarin and where schools offer the best programs in helping me advance in my Chinese language abilities. Now I love China so much, I want to do my undergrad at the Peking University"

Sut Kaew, Thailand

"I know the future business trend is with China . I know there are a lot of schools where I could study in my own country, but if I study in Beijing, I will learn about the city and the Chinese way of doing business. I know when I return to Thailand, my Chinese skills and Chinese business knowledge will both make me more marketable."

Irina Korosteleva, Russia

"Studying abroad is one of the best ways to perfect one's grasp of the Chinese language. I have learned that everything in my environment helps me. Because I am constantly surrounded by Chinese native speakers and students from other countries, I rarely speak Russian. I live on campus, so I have made Chinese friends. Many of them have helped me to develop my communication skills."

Michael Lode

Micheal wife comments: "I am impressed at what Michael has learned in his 4 weeks in China."

June Hung, Head of Marketing, Unilever, Malaysia

"For those who know me, latest update is that after I finished a term in Tsinghua University, I went back to Malaysia and half a year later I grabbed the opportunity to work in Taiwan when there was an option for internal transfer within the company. So, here I am heading the Marketing team in Unilever Taiwan. Needless to say, Chinese is a must. Everything is in Chinese at work ... from conversation to meetings. As for documents and emails, well, fortunately, most important documents are in English. However, many conversational emails are still written in Chinese. I am doing fine ... thanks to the help that I got from my 4 months of study in Tsinghua University and those useful after-class tutorial lessons from PRC Study. A big thank you!"

Kate Hodson

"I had a wonderful two month experience at PRC study and living in the university district. I came for an intensive language course and this is what I received. I really appreciated the small classes at the PRC-CIE Academy and it meant I progressed quickly in the short time I had in Beijing. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and so I settled into life very quickly. I wish I could be back there now!"

Josh Bernstein

"Hi this is Josh. I used to study at Tsinghua University through PRC Study for about 5 months. I am still in Beijing and am either going to continue my studies at BLCU in a four year degree or look for a job teaching English and on my own continue my studies and eventually return to the US for a combo Business and Chinese degree. Overall, I was very pleased with PRC Study and found them very friendly, well priced and efficient with all the services provided. It was a good time the past few months in China with many adventures and fun experiences in addition to all of the Chinese I learned. In the next week or so, I will drop by the office to say hi. Take care!"

Trey House, U.S.A.

"PRC Study offered a wide range of activities and contacts in addition to excellent classrooms and small teacher-student ratios at the PRC-CIE Academy. I encourage anyone who is interested in studying Chinese to consider PRC study."

George Oliver, Harvard University, USA

"I enjoyed the 1-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio in the private 1-on-1 classes I requested. It was great that I could speak with my teachers as much as I did. Also, the staff is all very willing to help out with problems. The teachers were very enjoyable to learn from as they had positive attitudes, reminding me of the grad students who taught me Chinese at Harvard University. I was quite impressed with the teachers as they gave classes in a very clear structured way, which I very much appreciated."

Thomas Smithurst, Captain, Army Officer, Australia

"Shortly after finishing a year of intensive Chinese in Australia, I entered a two-week Homestay and one-on-one study program with PRC-CIE Academy. The teaching and Homestay combined were excellent, and my fluency in Chinese improved significantly even in such a short period. The progress was in no small part due to the high quality of PRC-CIE Academy's teaching staff. The teaching was excellent. Summer Shen organized my studies very well, and all the teachers had their own very effective teaching styles. They gave a strong impetus to my learning.

On the organisation side of things, the PRC Study staff were all professional. They arranged my stay well, and were assiduous in checking that everything was okay. I was impressed by the way the staff went out of their way to help me settle in. Homestay was excellent. Yao Xiansheng & Song Nushi were a very good family to stay with. I highly recommend them for future homestays.

To me, PRC Study's greatest attributes are the quality of its teachers at the PRC-CIE Academy, and the exposure you will receive through the PRC Study team to a new generation of Chinese. Teachers, administrative staff, and my Homestay family were all energetic, hospitable and helpful. Through my time with PRC Study, I believe that I gained a very valuable understanding of the people and thinking which are going to be setting the future trends in China. And I doubt I would have gained this to the same degree at any of the alternative places I had been considering."

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