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The following Mandarin Chinese Language (Putonghua) Programs are exclusively arranged for PRC Study participants in association with the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU). Students receive all the benefits of studying at a top language university, but with more flexible course start dates and program duration. The language classes are taught by certified teachers from BLCU and students who wish can obtain university credits. So register now for programs in 2007!

About Beijing Language and Culture University

Program Entry Requirements

Mandarin Chinese Language (Putonghua) Programs at BLCU

Program Duration and Timetable

Chinese Language Proficiency and Placement Test

General Visa Information

Insurance and Medical Membership


Service Options Available

Fees and Schedule


About Beijing Language and Culture University

Founded in 1962, Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is the only international university in China with its main task set at teaching Chinese language and culture to foreign students. Well known for having the largest scope and longest history in the field of teaching Chinese language and culture to foreigners, BLCU boasts an array of qualified teachers. Together they have trained some 60,000 foreign students from over 160 countries and regions from around the world to become proficient in Chinese and familiar with Chinese culture. Currently, more than 6000 international students, and over 3000 Chinese students, study at BLCU each year.

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Mandarin Chinese Language (Putonghua) Program Entry Requirements

Applicants must be:

18 years old or above

In good health

A high school graduate

For students under 18 years of age who are interested in studying at BLCU, please contact PRC Study at [email protected] to see if special arrangements can be made.

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Mandarin Chinese Language (Putonghua) Programs at BLCU

The following Mandarin Chinese Language (Putonghua) Programs are exclusively arranged for PRC Study participants in association with the Beijing Language and Culture University. Students receive all the benefits of studying at a top language university while receiving additional support and benefits from PRC Study. The language classes are taught by certified teachers from BLCU and students who wish can still obtain university credits.

PRC Study's Mandarin Chinese Language (Putonghua) Programs at BLCU are tactically designed to provide complete immersion as they offer the most comprehensive and balanced curriculum, in and out of the classroom, for learning the Chinese language.

Mandarin Chinese Language Program Comprises of the Following Components:

1. Mandarin Language Chinese Classes
2. Elective Workshops
3. One-on-One After Class Language Tutorials
4. Supervised Homework Hour
5. Language Exchange Program
6. Language Lab
7. Use of Library and Reference Materials
8. Social Activities, Guided Tours and Excursions

For complete description of services offered, please visit PRC Study Services.

1. Mandarin Chinese Language Classes

The Mandarin Chinese language programs incorporates all aspects of the Chinese language including, speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, phonetics and pronunciation, with a constant focus on Chinese culture, business and way of life.

To enable students to advance in all aspects of the Mandarin Chinese language, classroom curriculum is divided into the following four main areas: Phonics & Interactive Spoken Chinese, Listening Comprehension, Grammar & Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension & Writing. Please visit Total Immersion Curriculum for more information.

Students at elementary levels will first develop their skills by learning the fundamental essentials with topics related to everyday lifestyle situations, while advanced level students will be presented with more complex and specialized subject matters including history, business, current affairs and society, leading up to reading newspapers, literature and understanding television and radio programs.

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2. Elective Workshops

PRC Study offers extra-curricular elective workshops to further help participants with their Chinese language and cultural learning experience. Elective workshops are made up of a series of classes and are held either in the afternoon or early evening. Taught by qualified and experienced teachers or experts, the electives may focus on language development skills, martial arts or learning more about Chinese culture, history and art. The number of workshops offered within each of the two categories below varies depending on program duration and may include the following:

Chinese Language Focused Electives:
Chinese Character Writing and Reading, Chinese Composition, Chinese Idioms, Chinese Pronunciation, and Chinese Pronunciation Improvement

Chinese Arts and History Focused Electives:
Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Culture, Chinese Games, Chinese History, Chinese Painting, Chinese Songs, Tai Ji Quan, Traditional Chinese Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Click Elective Workshops for more information and description.

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3. 1-On-1 After Class Chinese Language Tutorial

Tutoring has proven effective in advancing students' linguistics skills. PRC Study provides one-on-one after class tutorial lessons for students. Tutors are native Chinese teachers, certified in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language and are familiar with the PRC-CIE Academy and partnering universities language curricula. Tutors offer invaluable personal support and assistance in monitoring individual progress throughout the study program and can assist students with language coaching, homework assignments, conversational practice, tips and advice, and more.

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4. Supervised Homework Hour

When learning a new language, it is expected students will receive homework. In order to provide the best assistance for students to excel and master the Chinese language as quickly and efficiently as possible and to minimize any roadblocks, PRC Study organizes supervised homework hour throughout the week to help students with their homework assignments. Students can now receive immediate feedback and support by qualified teachers when doing their homework so there is continuous progress.

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5. Language Exchange Program

Interacting with locals is an essential part of the immersion program. At the start of the program, PRC Study arranges for each student to have a few local Chinese students as language buddies. Not only does this provide the perfect opportunity to practice Putonghua, it also enables cultural and social exchange and an opportunity to make new friends.

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6. Language Lab

Our brand new Language Lab is adjacent to the PRC Study student lounge and uses audio equipment specifically designed for language learning. Use includes access to a large amount of listening media all of which makes for interesting and informative learning. Designed to match your textbooks, these tapes are optimal for practicing your listening ability. You can also improve your own pronunciation by recording your own voice and comparing it to the tape.

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7. Library and Reference Materials

The PRC Study library consists not only of Chinese language books and dictionaries to help you in your Chinese language studies, but also a reference section on Chinese culture, history, art and society. There are also additional sections for books on other foreign languages, novels and reference materials on different subjects.

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8. Social Activities, Weekend Tours & Excursions

PRC Study also realizes that an added advantage in learning Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) quickly and effectively is to get deep into the Chinese's rich and colourful culture and society. As such, PRC Study organizes social and cultural activities, guided tours to visit landmarks in and around Beijing, throughout the week to help you apply what you have learnt in class in out-of-class settings as well as allow you to get better acquainted with fellow students, as well as with local Beijingers. From time to time, PRC Study will organize weekend excursions to places like Shanghai, Shaolin Temple, Tianjin, Datong, Xian, Wuhan, Inner Mongolia, etc. Please visit Total Immersion Curriculum for more information.

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Program Duration and Timetable

BLCU has programs starting regularly in 2007. Programs vary by length of study (i.e. 4, 5, 6, 8, 12 weeks, one semester and one year). Please visit Mandarin Chinese Program Curriculum for more information about the program structure.

Program Type

Program Duration


Hours / Day

Hours / Week

Mandarin Chinese 4, 5, 6, 8, 12 Weeks;
1 Semester;
1 Year (2 Semesters)
Monday - Friday
4 Hours / Day
20 Hours / Week
Mandarin Chinese
12 Weeks Intensive;
1 Semester Intensive
Monday - Friday
6 Hours / Day
30 Hours / Week

PRC Study arranges lots of extra-curricular activities including elective classes, Chinese language tutorials, social activities, guided tours and excursions for student participation on given afternoons and weekends.

Sample Timetable


Weekdays Mornings
8 am - 12 pm

Weekdays Afternoons
1 pm - 5 pm

Early Evenings
5 pm - 9 pm

Evenings and
Language Classes
Mornings and/or Afternoons
Language Tutorials

Social Activities

Guided Tours    

Please see Fees and Schedule below for program start dates.

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Chinese Language Proficiency

Chinese Language Proficiency Level

Chinese Characters / Expressions

Beginner (Level A)

0 - 800

Elementary (Level B)

More than 800

Intermediate (Level C)

More than 1500

Advanced (Level D)

More than 2500

Super Advanced (Level E)

More than 3500

Students are first placed according to the Chinese language proficiency level they indicate on the application form. During the morning of your first class day, you will be tested in three areas: grammar, comprehension, and fluency. Based on the test results, you will be placed in a class best suited to your current comprehension and fluency level. The class will be both comfortable and challenging. Please click on Chinese Language Proficiency Level for detail description on the various proficiency levels.

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Chinese Visa is a permit issued by the Chinese visa authorities to foreigners for entry into, exit from or transit through the Chinese territory. Visas are issued according to the purpose of visit. Students studying in China for 4 weeks can obtain an L visa; less than 6 months require an F visa; and more than 6 months require an F or X visa (as well as a physical examination if obtaining an X visa). It is advised that you register for the program as early as possible, for it takes time for the university to process your student application. At the same time, processing a China Visa may take up to 6 weeks in some countries. For more information on different visa types and application procedure, please click here .

Once full program fees are paid and enrollment completed, PRC Study will send you the "JW201" or "JW202" form issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the enrollment or invitation letter from the receiving university in China. These documents are required for you to apply for a visa to enter the People's Republic of China at the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country.

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Insurance and Medical Membership

All PRC Study Programs include Travel and Medical Insurance. This is mandatory for all foreign students in China. The Insurance covers emergency medical and dental treatment, pro-rata return of program fee in case of curtailment, personal liability and more. For more information, please click insurance.

Beijing now boasts several world-class hospitals and clinics, which offer a high standard of both Chinese and Western medical care with multi-lingual Doctors from North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Following are some of the medical facilities PRC Study students may use:

? Beijing Emergency Medical Centre
? Beijing Friendship Hospital
? Beijing International SOS Clinic
? Beijing United Family Hospital
? Beijing Vista Clinic
? International Medical Centre

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PRC Study offers many different types of accommodation to suit our students. Students can choose to stay in one of the following accommodations: On-campus Student Dorms , Student Flats , Apartments , Hotels , Homestay. The accomomdations provided are all legally approved. Clean, comfortable and conveniently located, all of PRC Study's accommodations are safe and secure with 24 hours security.

Accommodation is included during your entire study stay. Total program fee varies according to the type of accommodation selected. All accommodation reservations and preparations are made prior to students' arrival. Based on a "first come, first served" basis, early registration is advised in order for you to get the housing accommodation requested. Accommodation starts the day before the program and ends the day after the program. Subject to availability and additional cost, extended stay can be arranged upon request.

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Service Options

For any of these Mandarin Chinese Language (Putonghua) Programs at Beijing Language and Culture University, you can choose the Standard Service, Premium Service or Corporate Premium Service package. A brief description of the service options are highlighted below for your reference or you can visit PRC Study Services for further details.

S = Standard Service
Fees include Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) language classes, text books, accommodation, insurance and medical membership, visa support documents, pre-arrival assistance, airport pick-up and drop-off, campus tour and orientation, wudaokou tour, placement test, certificate, social and cultural activities and guided tours, sporting activities, 24 hour hotline support and assistance, use of PRC Study student lounge and facilities, communication access, use of computers with internet access, welcome and farewell dinners, participation in the supervised homework hour throughout the week, and more. Visit PRC Study Services for further details.

P = Premium Service
Fees include all the services listed above, plus additional services, including elective workshops, 1-on-1 after-class tutorial, language exchange partner program, language lab usage, travel planning assistance and coordination, long distance calling card, and home usage of reference materials, and more. Visit PRC Study Services for further details.

C = Corporate Premium Service
Fees include all the Standard and Premium services listed above, as well as the following additional benefits: PRC Study will source and arrange one-on-one meetings for the participant with Foreign, Joint Venture, private or State-Owned Chinese companies with offices in Beijing within a specified industry; meeting accompaniment and translator / interpreter service; car transportation service to and from meeting location. Please note we recommend a maximum of two industry specific meetings for those enrolled in four-week program; three meetings for those registered in five and six-week programs; four meetings for those registered in eight and twelve-week programs; up to six for those registered in semester and one year academic programs; and thereafter by arrangement. Visit PRC Study Services for further details.

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Fees & Schedule for the Mandarin Chinese Program at BLCU

There are two tables below.

Table 1 will show BLCU's Programs, Dates and Schedule. i.e. Program number, length of study period; program start and end dates; application deadline; and program payment deadline.

Table 2 will show BLCU's Mandarin Chinese Language (Putonghua) Program Fees including accommodation for the Full Service Package options. If you have your own accommodation, please contact PRC Study at [email protected] for program fees without accommodation.

Please note the application deadline and program payment deadlines for each of the program offered. All fees are in US Dollars and applying applicant is to pay all bank charges. (** = Fees for 2008 to be confirmed.)

Legend for Program Fees with Full Service Package Options at BLCU (US$)

S = Standard Service

P = Premium Service CP = Corporate Premium Srvcs
Individual = Individual stays with Host Family.
Single / Private = Single occupancy.
Double = Shared dual occupancy. PRC Study assigns roommates.
2 BR = Two people share a 2 bedroom apartment. PRC Study assigns roommates.
3 BR = Three people share a 3 bedroom apartment. PRC Study assigns roommates.
For further details on the various accommodation options available, please click here

BLCU Table 1:?Mandarin Chinese Programs, Dates and Schedule
Click HOLIDAY to see when programs below may hit a holiday.



Start Dates
End Dates
4 Weeks


Feb 28, 2007

Mar 28, 2007

Dec 29 / 06

Jan 5 / 07


Jun 27, 2007

Jul 25, 2006

Jun 1 / 07

Jun 8 / 07

B0743 Jul 25, 2007 Aug 22, 2007 Jun 14 / 07 Jun 21 / 07
B0744 Aug 1, 2007 Aug 29, 2007 Jun 29 / 07 Jul 6 / 07
4 Weeks
B0745 Jul 25, 2007 Aug 22, 2007 Jun 14 / 07 Jun 21 / 07
B0746 Aug 1, 2007 Aug 29, 2007 Jun 29 / 07 Jul 6 / 07
5 Weeks


Jul 18, 2007

Aug 22, 2007

Jun 14 / 07

Jun 21 / 07

B0752 Dec 12, 2007 Jan 16, 2008 Oct 27 / 07 Nov 3 / 07
6 Weeks
B0761 Jul 11, 2007 Aug 22, 2007 Jun 8 / 07 Jun 15 / 07
8 Weeks
B0781 Jun 27, 2007 Aug 22, 2007 Jun 1 / 07 Jun 8 / 07
12 Weeks


Apr 4, 2007

Jun 27, 2007

Feb 10 / 07

Feb 17 / 07


Sep 12, 2007

Dec 5, 2007

Jul 15 / 07

Jul 22 / 07
Extended - Aug 15 / 07

12 Weeks
B7123 Apr 4, 2007 Jun 27, 2007 Feb 10 / 07 Feb 17 / 07


Sep 12, 2007

Dec 5, 2007

Jul 15 / 07

Jul 22 / 07
Extended - Aug 15 / 07

1 Semester
(20 Weeks)


Feb 28 , 2007

Jul 6, 2007

Dec 30 / 06

Jan 6 / 07


Sep 12, 2007

Jan 25, 2008

Jul 15 / 07

Jul 22 / 07
Extended - Aug 15 / 07

1 Semester
Intensive - 20 Wks
B71S3 Feb 28, 2007 Jul 6, 2007 Dec 30 / 06 Jan 6 / 07
B71S4 Sep 12, 2007 Jan 25, 2008 Jul 15 / 07 Jul 22 / 07
Extended - Aug 15 / 07
1 Year
(2 Semesters)


Mar 4, 2007

Jan 2008 (TBD)

Dec 30 / 06

Jan 6 / 07


Sep 4, 2007

Jul 2008 (TBD)

Jul 15 / 07

Jul 22 / 07
Extended - Aug 15 / 07

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BLCU Table 2:?Mandarin Chinese Program Fees Including Accommodation
Click LEGEND to see the coding explanation for different service types & accommodation available.

Length Campus Dorms
Student Flats
2 Br
3 Br

4 Wks

S: 2800
P: 2900
C: 3500
S: 2475
P: 2575
C: 3175
S: 2965
P: 3065
C: 3665
S: 2640
P: 2740
C: 3340
S: 3790
P: 3890
C: 4490
S: 3570
P: 3670
C: 4270
S: 2770
P: 2870
C: 3470
4 Wks Intensive
S: 3140
P: 3240
C: 3840
S: 2800
P: 2900
C: 3500
S: 3300
P: 3400
C: 4000
S: 2970
P: 3070
C: 3670
S: 4115
P: 4215
C: 4815
S: 3895
P: 3995
C: 4595
S: 3120
P: 3220
C: 3820

5 Wks

S: 3055
P: 3160
C: 4060
S: 2625
P: 2730
C: 3630
S: 3275
P: 3380
C: 4280
S: 2845
P: 2950
C: 3850
S: 4350
P: 4455
C: 5355
S: 4075
P: 4180
C: 5080
S: 3105
P: 3210
C: 4110

6 Wks

S: 3330
P: 3440
C: 4340
S: 2840
P: 2950
C: 3850
S: 3580
P: 3690
C: 4590
S: 3100
P: 3210
C: 4110
S: 4780
P: 4890
C: 5790
S: 4450
P: 4560
C: 5460
S: 3340
P: 3450
C: 4350
8 Wks
S: 4105
P: 4225
C: 5425
S: 3425
P: 3545
C: 4745
S: 4445
P: 4565
C: 5765
S: 3775
P: 3895
C: 5095
S: 5805
P: 5925
C: 7125
S: 5305
P: 5425
C: 6625
S: 4825
P: 4945
C: 6145
S: 6085
P: 6205
C: 7405
S: 5645
P: 5765
C: 6965
S: 4115
P: 4235
C: 5435

12 Wks

S: 5130
P: 5270
C: 6470
S: 4160
P: 4300
C: 5500
S: 5630
P: 5770
C: 6970
S: 4660
P: 4800
C: 6000
S: 5940
P: 6080
C: 7280
S: 5440
P: 5580
C: 6780
S: 4960
P: 5100
C: 6300
S: 7900
P: 8040
C: 9240
S: 7240
P: 7380
C: 8580
S: 5160
P: 5300
C: 6500

12 Wks Intensive

S: 5710
P: 5850
C: 7050
S: 4740
P: 4880
C: 6080
S: 6210
P: 6350
C: 7550
S: 5230
P: 5370
C: 6570
S: 6510
P: 6650
C: 7850
S: 6010
P: 6150
C: 7350
S: 5530
P: 5670
C: 6870
S: 8450
P: 8590
C: 9790
S: 7790
P: 7930
C: 9130
S: 5720
P: 5860
C: 7060

1 Semester
(20 Wks)

S: 6690
P: 6870
C: 8670
S: 5320
P: 5500
C: 7300
S: 6870
P: 7050
C: 8850
S: 5520
P: 5700
C: 7500
S: 8120
P: 8300
S: 6850
P: 7030
C: 8830
S: 6390
P: 6570
C: 8370
S: 9540
P: 9720
S: 6700
P: 6880
C: 8680

1 Sem. Intensive
(20 Wks)

S: 7690
P: 7870
C: 9670
S: 6320
P: 6500
C: 8300
S: 7870
P: 8050
C: 9850
S: 6520
P: 6700
C: 8500
S: 9120
P: 9300
S: 7850
P: 8030
C: 9830
S: 7390
P: 7570
C: 9370
S: 7700
P: 7880
C: 9680
1 Year (2 Sem)
(Start Spring)

1 Year(2 Sem)
(Start Fall)

S: 9900

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Registration Procedures

Application Form

Email us for more information at [email protected]

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