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Mandarin Chinese & China Business Program Overview

Study Chinese While Learning to Do Business in China!

Learn how to conduct business and communicate fluently with the world's fastest growing economy by joining PRC Study's Mandarin Chinese and China Business program.

Designed especially for foreign participants due to their growing interest in the revolutionary development of China's economy resulting from the reforms and open-door policy, WTO accession, and the 2008 Olympics, this program is excellent for those who want to learn more about doing business in China while studying the Mandarin Chinese language.

China, a country with phenomenal economic growth and reigning as the world's leader in attracting the most foreign direct investment, is now considered a critical component in the global strategy for companies around the world. Showing a thriving economy with healthy GDP growth rates over the years, coupled with political stability, budding industry sectors, fast developing human resources, and exploding consumer wealth, many foreign companies, both large and small, are making their footprint by investing or setting up offices in China.

As a result, an ever-increasing number of foreigners are coming to China to learn more about the country, its language, culture, economy and business practices. Foreigners who are fluent in Chinese and knowledgeable about the China market are in great demand globally, especially in the business realm and government sectors. The Mandarin and China Business program will allow you to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge essential to work or do business in China.

Aims & Goals

Conducted in English and organized by PRC Study in association with our partnering universities, the China Business component is a short intensive course comprised of lectures, seminars and discussions, and onsite visits which are designed to compliment students' Mandarin Chinese language studies in China.

The China Business component offers a practical and insightful examination into China's dynamic business structure, including its current and historical economic, political, legal, social and cultural environments.

The China Business lectures are given by university business professors or experts in the field. Seminars are conducted by senior representatives of both foreign and local companies. On-site visits extend learning beyond the classroom to offer an insightful examination into the day-to-day and overall business operations of a variety of foreign and local Chinese companies in China.

The Mandarin language instructions will enable students to learn all aspects of the Chinese language which includes phonetics, listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension in order that they may communicate competently and effectively with local native Chinese people.

After completion of this program, participants will:

  • Have a better comprehension of the Mandarin Chinese language
  • Have a broad and thorough concept of how foreign and local Chinese businesses of all sizes operate in China
  • Possess information and knowledge about the various "hot" industries fueling China's dynamic growth
  • Understand the differences between western and Chinese business practices, including rules, regulations, and law
  • Be able to secure an immediate advantage for employment opportunities
  • Be better equipped with information required for starting a business or working in China
  • Have solidified valuable Chinese and foreign relationships (Guanxi) via extensive networking opportunities
By immersing students in class instructions, after-class tutorials, elective workshops, language exchange, social activities, guided tours, onsite visits, and business and networking events, our proven methodology will allow students to develop Chinese language skills for effective communication with Chinese people and acquire critical business knowledge required for successful business interactions in China.
Highlights of Mandarin China business

China Business Component

  • PRC Study's intensive China Business Program offers a series of informative lectures, seminars, and onsite visits covering a multitude of topics and industries
  • Conducted in English or with English translation, each event offers insights into a different industry sector reflecting the various critical business angles required to work or operate a business successfully in China
  • Held with the participation of business professors from Beijing's leading universities and experts and industry leaders from the corporate community
  • Provides an in-depth and insightful examination into China's dynamic business system including its past and current economic, political, legal, social and cultural developments
  • Offers practical and valuable skills necessary for successful business relations while providing up-to-date information on China's recent practices, policies, customs, and regulations.
  • Many previous participants of PRC Study, including those from Harvard University, have called this a "mini MBA program"

Mandarin Chinese Language Component

  • High quality Mandarin instructions with complete and balanced curriculum in and out of the classrooms
  • Affordable short and long term programs with flexible start dates offered throughout the year for all levels from beginners to advanced
  • Qualified native Mandarin teachers certified by the Ministry of Chinese Education to teach Mandarin Chinese to foreigners
  • Private 1-on-1 lessons or small group classes* averaging 4 to 5 students providing a study-focused atmosphere for quick and effective Mandarin learning
  • Total immersion into Chinese language, business, culture and way of life through social activities, guided tours, networking events, elective workshops, language exchange program, and much more
  • Students may choose from the Mandarin Chinese or Business Mandarin Chinese classes
  • Proven track record in successfully teaching Mandarin Chinese to many students from all over the world
      *   available only at the PRC-CIE Academy

PRC Study has been officially designated to assist foreign students to come to China to study Mandarin Chinese language and we partner with the best schools and universities in China to provide a range of China focused programs of the highest quality to students. Currently, our Mandarin Chinese and China Business program is offered in Beijing, China's national headquarters, where a wide spectrum of international companies congregate due to government connections. For more information on each of the institutions we represent, please click universities

Elective Workshops

In addition to providing structured Mandarin Chinese and China Business classes, PRC Study also offers elective workshops. The electives are designed to broaden students' awareness of Chinese culture, history, and arts, as well as to further improve students' Chinese linguistic skills. Taught by skilled teachers who are specialists in their field, we offer over 15 elective workshops which are made up of a series of classes held in the afternoon or early evening. During the program, each student may participate in all electives offered. For more information, please click on Electives.

Chinese Language Electives Chinese Arts & History Electives Martial Arts Electives

  • Character Writing & Reading
  • Chinese Composition
  • Chinese Idioms
  • Chinese Pronunciation
  • Pronunciation Improvement

  •  Chinese Calligraphy
  •  Chinese Cooking
  •  Chinese Culture
  •  Chinese Games
  •  Chinese History
  •  Chinese Painting
  •  Chinese Songs

  • Tai Ji Quan
  • Traditional Chinese Massage
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Yoga
  • Meditation, Chants & Mantras/li>
  • Chinese Foot Massage

Total Immersion

PRC Study helps to minimize language and cultural barriers, allowing students to have a smoother transition into China. PRC Study's China programs are affordable and allow for total immersion into the Chinese language, business, culture, and way of life.

Additional Extra-Curricular Business and Networking Events

In addition to the lectures, seminars and onsite visits offered by the China Business Program, PRC Study also arranges various business and networking events which students may choose to participate in. This provides extra opportunities for participants to network and meet valuable foreign and Chinese contacts from the business community and exchange vital business information and industry knowledge. For more details, please click on Business and Networking Events.

Language and Cultural Immersion

PRC Study places great emphasis on providing language learning enhancement support to students. We offer a 10 components formula for accelerated Chinese immersion learning, which includes: 1-on-1 after class language tutorials; multi-media learning courseware; supervised homework support; language exchange program; language lab; use of library and reference materials; electives, social activities, guided tours and excursions; student development assessment and certification; and Mandarin only policy. For more details, please click on Total Immersion Curriculum.

Social Activities, Guided Tours and Excursions

PRC Study also realizes that an added advantage in learning Mandarin Chinese quickly and effectively is to get deep into the China's rich and colourful culture and society. Offering activities for all age groups, PRC Study organizes many social, sporting and cultural activities, along with guided tours and excursions for students during their study program in China. These offer excellent opportunities to interact with native speakers and to practice Mandarin learnt in classes in out-of-class settings. For more details, click on Social Activities, Guided Tours and Excursion.

Total Packages & Services Offered

At PRC Study, we understand that each student may have different needs from the next. Therefore we offer multiple service options for students to choose from to cater to different budgets and requirements.

Our total comprehensive service packages cover everything from pre-departure procedures in a student's home country right through to the end of the immersion program in China, including core program, airport pickup, accommodation, insurance and medical membership, visa support documents, 24 hour hotline support, and a range of other essential services. We can also place students in internships or help them find part or full time employment during their stay in China. We take care of everything while you focus on studying Chinese and learning about doing business in China. For more information, please click on PRC Study Services.

Additionally, PRC Study can also arrange one-on-one business meetings for participants to meet with senior executives within a specialized industry, as well as provide other essential business services, such as translation, secretarial support and so on, for people signed up for the Corporate Premium Service.


PRC Study offers many different types of accommodation to suit our students' needs and budgets. Clean, comfortable and conveniently located, all of PRC Study's accommodations are carefully selected, safe and secure with 24 hours security. You can choose to live privately or share with a PRC Study arranged roommate. For more general information, please visit Accommodation or click on On or Off Campus Student Dorms, Student Flats, Apartments, Hotels, Homestay for further details.


Traveling overseas to study can be an exciting yet an unsettling experience. For students' safety and peace of mind, all of PRC Study's Full Service Programs include "StudentCare Plus" Travel and Medical Insurance. The insurance covers emergency medical and dental treatment, pro-rata return of program fee in case of curtailment, personal liability and more. Also included is use of ISOS which provides access to medical advice and assistance 24 hours a day by foreign doctors who are located in Beijing and throughout China. For further details, please click on Insurance.


We will provide you with all the required documentations needed by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country to obtain your visa to China.

Students should apply for an F Visa, a business and short-term advanced studies visa, generally issued for a length of 1, 3 or 6 months regardless of the study duration. However, some Chinese embassies and consulates may issue an L Visa, a tourist visa, despite the actual purpose of travel. In other scenarios students may be issued an X Visa, requiring also the student to undergo a physical health examination. In any event, the type of visa issued is determined by the Chinese authorities, but PRC Study will assist students to extend or convert visas as required after arrival into China.

Once full program fees are paid and enrollment completed, PRC Study will send you all the required documents so that you may apply for a visa to enter the People's Republic of China at the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country.
For more information on different visa types and application procedure, click here .

Total Immersion, Total Support

We understand that each student has different needs from the next. We listen to all our students' comments and work hard to make sure that everyone is getting the most from their time in Beijing.

Our program balances a strong academic and business component while promoting Chinese cultural heritage, ensuring that you continually find excitement and inspiration throughout your course.

We provide a safe setting for students to learn the Chinese language and to explore China. Our teachers and language consultants monitor the progress of each student and are always on hand to give advice and guidance on how to get the most from your China program.

For the more serious business people, PRC Study can provide additional business support, including secretarial, translation, interpretation, meeting and travel arrangements, and car transportation services.

Entry Requirements

No previous business experience is required. Many participants from novice to senior executives have called this a "mini MBA" and an excellent program for people to network and jumpstart their careers or businesses in China.

Applicants must be:

  • 18 years old or above
  • In good health
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