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Mandarin Chinese and HSK Program Details and Structure

Guidance, Coaching, and Preparation for the HSK Exam

PRC Study's Mandarin Chinese and HSK program, available only in Beijing, is offered to students of all nationalities with Chinese language ability from total beginner to advance. Student may choose which institution they wish to attend for the Mandarin Chinese language classes, but the HSK training will be conducted by Global Village.

Program Components Length Hours Class Times
Mandarin Language Class 1 wk to 1 year 20 or 30 hrs / week8 am - 12 noon or 1:30 - 5:30 pm M - F
HSK Training Classes 6 hrs / week2 hours 3 times a week Morning, Afternoon or Evening
Note: 1. Schedule may change and is subject to confirmation.
2. The HSK Training component includes preparation classes but does not include the HSK exam or exam fee.

Mandarin Chinese and HSK Program Structure and Duration 

The Mandarin Chinese and HSK Programs are available from 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 weeks to 1 academic year (36 - 40 weeks depending on the Mandarin Chinese course duration offered at the school of choice). The Chinese language classes and the HSK training will run simultaneously.

The Chinese language classes are held in the mornings and/or afternoons, whilst the HSK Preparation and Training Classes are held on selected mornings, afternoons and/or evenings. The Mandarin Chinese class hours studied per week depends on whether the regular or intensive Mandarin Chinese classes are chosen and school attended.

Mandarin Chinese Class Type  

Students may choose from the Regular Mandarin Chinese (or Business Mandarin Chinese) classes, which offers 20 hours of lessons per week, or the Intensive Mandarin Chinese (or Business Mandarin Chinese) classes, which offers 30 hours of lessons per week.

Both the regular and intensive Mandarin Chinese classes focus on teaching topics related to everyday Chinese and Chinese society, whereas the regular and intensive Business Mandarin Chinese classes will place more emphasis on language used in a work environment, while still covering Chinese society in general. Please note that the Business Mandarin Chinese language instructions for this program are offered at the PRC-CIE Academy and UIBE only, and a minimum knowledge of 800 Characters is required for participation.

Mandarin Class Type Hours Studied Per Day Hours Per Day
Regular Mandarin Chinese or Business Mandarin M - F (20 hrs / week)4 hrs / day
Intensive Mandarin Chinese or Business MandarinM - F (30 hrs / week)6 hrs / day

Mandarin Chinese Class Size Options 

The core language classes in all our teaching institutions incorporate every aspect of the Mandarin Chinese including phonetics, listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension.

You can choose to have private 1-on-1 tailor made classes or join a small group class with an average of 4 to 5 students per class as offered by the PRC-CIE Academy. There is also the additional option of attending a larger class with an average of 20 students as offered by one of our partnering universities.

All of the schools use outstanding teaching materials and classes are taught by qualified instructors; but the smaller class settings often enable students to progress faster due to the smaller teacher-student ratio.

The HSK training classes taught at Global Village will generally have about 20 students or more per class.

Mandarin Class Size Type Students Per Class School
Private 1-on-1 1PRC-CIE Academy
Smaller Classes Average of 4 to 5PRC-CIE Academy
Larger ClassesAverage of 20Universities & Global Village

Smaller Versus Larger Mandarin Chinese Language Class Sizes

The PRC-CIE Academy was established to meet students demand for high quality Mandarin Chinese language instructions within an accelerated learning environment offering smaller class settings and flexible start dates. The Academy employs teachers from our top partnering universities while using outstanding curriculum that helps students learn Chinese quickly, effectively and efficiently.

The smaller classes averaging 4 to 5 students (with a maximum of 8) per class is the preferred choice by most students, as it offers a much more intensive and faster paced learning environment than the university classes which generally have up to 20 students per class.

PRC Study also represents many Chinese universities in China offering outstanding Mandarin Chinese language instructions. The university programs are generally preferred by students looking for a larger campus atmosphere and a long standing reputation. But please note class sizes are larger, averaging 20 students per class, depending on the school of choice.

Mandarin Chinese and HSK Program Sample Timetable 

Other than taking the Chinese language and HSK classes, students may take part in a variety of activities organized by PRC Study including elective workshops, language exchange program, Chinese language tutorials, social activities, guided tours, and more on given afternoons, evenings, and weekends. Below is a sample schedule for students. Offerings depend on type of service enrolled.

Activities Weekdays Mornings
8 am - 12 pm
Weekdays Afternoons
1 pm - 5 pm
Early Evenings
5 pm - 9 pm
Evenings and Weekends
Mandarin Classes Mornings and/or Afternoons    
HSK Classes Mornings / Afternoons / Evenings  
Language Tutorials yes yes    
Electives yes yes yes  
Homework Help yes yes    
Social Activities     yes yes
Tours / Excursions     yes yes

Service Options 

At PRC Study, we understand that each student may have different needs. Therefore we offer multiple service options for students to choose from to cater to different budgets and requirements. Student can choose tuition only programs or full service programs. For more information on the different types of services offered, please click on PRC Study Services.

PRC Study's Full Service Mandarin Chinese and HSK Program includes core Mandarin Chinese language classes, HSK preparation and training classes, airport pick-up, accommodations, visa, insurance & medical membership, free social and cultural activities, free guided tours, excursions, placement test, 24 hour hotline support and assistance, use of PRC Study student facilities, welcome and farewell dinners, and a range of other essential services. We take care of everything while you focus on studying the Chinese language.

Mandarin Chinese and HSK Program Schedules and Fees

The Mandarin Chinese and HSK Program fee varies according to the program length, accommodation, service type, and school chosen. For a complete listing of Mandarin Chinese and HSK programs (start dates, program length, application deadline), please click on Mandarin Chinese and HSK Programs Fees and Schedule. For the fees of programs shorter than 4 weeks, please contact PRC Study at [email protected]

Entry Requirements 

PRC Study's Mandarin Chinese and HSK program is opened to participants of all nationalities. Our Mandarin Chinese classes cater to proficiency levels from total beginner to advance.

Applicants must be:

  • 18 years old or above
  • In good health
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