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PRC Study Offers the Best Combination of the East and West Team

PRC Study realizes the difficulties experienced by foreigners when entering a new country. We understand there exist cultural differences, language barriers, adaptation to a new environment and other potentials barriers when going to a new country.

We've thought of your every needs and that's why we offer a team of staff combining the best of the east and west. Our staff is comprised of experienced foreigners and local Chinese people, who together can provide well-rounded solutions for you.


PRC Study is committed to providing superior customer service. Our team is friendly, professional, knowledge, capable, efficient, and we strive to offer you the warmest hospitality.


The PRC Study team is familiar with and understands both the east and west cultures. We can offer you western hospitality, enabling you to feel at home. At the same time, we assist you in learning about China's culture, customs, practices and way of life.


We have a multilingual staff to help and assist you during your entire program stay. Our team speaks a variety of languages, including Mandarin, English, Korean, Japanese, French and more.


Our job is to help you adapt to the new environment and lifestyle as smoothly as possible. Because we have considered your every need, we are therefore able to offer you a feeling of the west, and satisfaction of experiencing the fascinating east. We can introduce you to your new environment and get you acquainted with other important matters i.e. learning about various "hot spots" around town, getting you familiar with transportation, and much more.


We can introduce you to new Chinese friends, as well as other PRC Study students who have joined us from around the world. We can help you in your communication and help strengthen your relationships (guanxi) with Chinese people. Additionally, you can also make new friends with other PRC Study students, and share and learn about each other's cultures.


The PRC Study staff are extremely knowledgeable. We know the ins and outs of Beijing and we'd be happy to transfer our knowledge to you. Our aim would be to keep you informed and help you stay ahead of the game, be it in your studies, daily life, business and/or other areas.

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