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PRC Study Services -

Our Reputation Is Your Guarantee

Many business executives, students and parents have seen us as their trusted resource in China. That's because our students' success and well-being are our main concerns. We ensure that our students have a fulfilling Chinese language learning experience in China within a comfortable, safe, secure and friendly immersion environment.

PRC Study helps to minimize language and cultural barriers, allowing students to have a smoother transition into China. This way, students can have more time to concentrate on studying, and more time to network and make new friends.

At PRC Study, we also understand that each student may have different needs. Therefore we offer multiple service options for students to choose from to cater to different budgets and requirements.

Our comprehensive service packages cover everything from pre-departure procedures in a student's home country right through to the end of the immersion program in China, including accommodation, insurance and medical membership, visa support documents, and more. We can also place students in internships or help them to find part or full time employment during their stay in China.

Summary of Services Offered
For Different Types of Service Options

(All of the Services are included at no additional costs in the program fees)

    Program Service Options Tuition Only Programs
(Available at PRC-CIE Academy)
University Direct Full Service Packages
(Available for All Beijing Schools)
     Services Tuition Only
TO + Select Premium Service TO + Select Corporate Premium Service Basic Service Full Standard Service Full Premium Service Full Corporate Premium
Language, Business, Culture Learning Services 1 Core Program Course
2 Program Registration & Enrollment
3 Placement Test
4 Certificate
5 Textbooks      
6 Chinese English Dictionary      
7 Supervised Homework Support  
8 1-on-1 After Class Tutorials      
9 Multi-Media Learning Courseware          
10 Elective Workshops      
11 Language Exchange Program  
12 Language Lab Usage      
13 Library and Reference Material (*)    
14 Private Industry Business Meetings          
Arrival, Daily Life, Social Activities & Departure Services 15 Pre-Arrival Assistance
16 Pre-Arrival Package      
17 visa Support Documents
18 Insurance + Medical Membership      
19 Airport Pick-up and Drop-off      
20 Accommodation (*)      
21 Orientation + Campus Tour
22 Arrival Booklet and Package      
23 Welcome Dinner & Networking        
24 Social, Cultural & Sporting Activities        
25 Guided Tours        
26 Excursions (*)
27 24 Hour Hotline Support & Assistance      
28 Use of PRC Study Student Facilities        
29 Message & Communication Center        
30 Personal Daily Life Set Up Services        
31 Local City Map (English & Chinese)      
32 Local Magazines (English & Chinese)        
33 Travel Plans Assistance Coordination          
34 Long Distance Calling Card        
35 Farewell Dinner and Departure Assistance        

Description of Services

  1. Core Program Course
    Students can choose to participate in the many programs we offer including: Mandarin Chinese, China Business, HSK, Internship and Martial Arts. Not only do we offer classes to students from ages 10 to 70, we also offer group classes, private 1-on-1 lessons, and tailored made programs. Additionally, we also have classes specifically designed for corporate clientele, be it in group or private 1-on-1 settings.

  2. Program Registration and Enrollment
    We assist students by answering specific inquiries concerning Chinese Universities and Chinese Language Academies, programs information, and help you select the best, most appropriate school for your learning needs and requirements. We also do the running around to handle all the registration procedures for your program enrollment.

  3. Placement Test
    Many students experience some nervousness when it comes to taking the placement test. In order to ease the situation, we accompany students on the first day of the program start date to take the placement test where students will be tested in three areas: grammar, comprehension, and fluency. Based on the test results, you will be place d in a class best suited to your current comprehension and fluency level. In the event that you want to change your class / level which is possible in the first week of classes, we will help you request this with the appropriate person in charge.

    On the first day of class which starts the day after the placement test, we accompany you to the school making sure that you get to the right building and classroom.

  4. Certificate
    Upon the successful completion of the program, students will receive a certificate. In the event that you cannot pickup the certificate by yourself, we will help you retrieve it and ensure that it gets to you safely. Additionally, we can also help students gather information to obtain university credits as required from your hometown university.

  5. Textbooks
    Rather than having you run around sourcing and buying the books themselves, we help you avoid the difficulty by bringing the Chinese language textbooks to you. Students in the full service programs receive all required textbooks for free.

  6. Chinese English Dictionary
    Provided to each student is an updated and easy to use English-Chinese dictionary to make learning more convenient and informative.

  7. Supervised Homework Support
    PRC Study realizes that students can benefit greatly by doing their homework. However, sometimes, students may need assistance. So now, we have organized homework hours throughout Monday to Friday to assist students with their homework assignments. Students have shown much improvement in learning the Chinese language and have learned the language at faster speed.

  8. 1-on-1 After Class Tutorials
    Extremely popular is the private 1-on-1 after class tutorials. Students find this very useful as they can get additional and personalized Chinese language coaching and help with homework assignments, as well as receive more conversational practice, tips, advice, and more. The tutorials are taught by teachers, certified by the Ministry of Chinese Education, to teach Mandarin Chinese as a second language to foreigners. The tutors also monitor each individual's own progress throughout program and provide feedback back to the student.

  9. Multi-Media Learning Courseware
    We offer proprietary multi-media learning software to compliment our teaching curriculum for which students can use on PRC Study premise during their free time. This software corresponds with different Chinese proficiency levels and to the text books and materials which students use in class. You can use the courseware and progress at your own individual comfort and speed to constantly reinforce what you have learned in class.

  10. Elective Workshops
    PRC Study offers extra-curricular elective workshops to further help participants with their Chinese language and cultural learning experience in China as they focus on language development skills, martial arts, and Chinese culture, history and art. Elective workshops are made up of a series of classes and are held either in the morning, afternoon or early evening. Students are welcomed to participate in all elective workshops held during their program without any additional charge.

  11. Language Exchange Program
    Interacting with local Chinese people is an essential part of the immersion program. At the start of the China study program, PRC Study arranges for each international student to have several local Chinese student as a language exchange partners. Not only does this provide the perfect opportunity to practice Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua), it also enables cultural and social exchange and an opportunity to make new friends.

  12. Language Lab Usage
    PRC Study offers access to language labs so that students may practice and reinforce their Mandarin Chinese by using specially tailored Chinese language learning tapes. Use includes access to a large amount of listening media all of which makes for interesting and informative learning. Designed to match your textbooks, these tapes are optimal for practicing your listening ability. You can also improve your own pronunciation by recording your own voice and comparing it to the tape.

  13. Library and Reference Material (*)
    Students can use the PRC Study Library full of Chinese reference books and materials and DvDs. (*Full service Premium and Corporate Premium students have rights to borrow reference material for a three-day period for home use.)

  14. Private Industry Business Meetings
    PRC Study will source and arrange one-on-one meetings for the participant to meet with business leaders of Foreign, Joint venture, Private or State-owned Chinese companies with offices in Beijing within a specified industry. Additionally, we will provide:
    • Meeting accompaniment
    • Translator / interpreter service
    • Car transportation service to and from meeting location

    We recommend a maximum of two industry specific meetings for those enrolled in four-week program; three meetings for those registered in five and six-week programs; four meetings for those registered in eight and twelve-week programs; up to six for those registered in semester and one year academic programs; and thereafter by arrangement. Please note this is service is intended for people with previous business experience.

  15. Pre-Arrival Assistance
    Even prior to your arrival in China, we offer professional and reliable information and assistance to help you answer any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding your program and life in China.

  16. Pre-Arrival Package
    We will also send you a pre-arrival booklet full of pertinent information so that you may fully prepare for your trip to China.

  17. visa Support Documents
    Once enrollment is complete, we will arrange and send all necessary documents needed to you so that you can apply for a Chinese visa to enter the People's Republic of China.

  18. Insurance + Medical Membership
    For peace of mind, PRC Study purchases StudentCare PLUS Insurance, which offers emergency travel and medical insurance, for students for the entire duration of the program. The policy covers emergency medical and dental treatment, pro-rata return of program fee in case of curtailment, personal liability and more.

    We also introduce to students International SOS, which provides access to medical advice and assistance 24 hours a day by foreign doctors located in SOS Alarm Centers in China.

    Additionally, you can always reach PRC Study staff 24 hours a day should you ever have a medical emergency or need help with interpretation when visiting a doctor.

  19. Airport Pick-up and Drop-off
    PRC Study will arrange greeting and transportation from the Airport or Train Station, upon your arrival in China and accompany you to your accommodation.

  20. Accommodation (*)
    Accommodation reservations and arrangements are taken care of by PRC Study staff before you arrive in China. We pay special attention to ensure that you get the best accommodation option of your choice. You can choose to live privately or share with a PRC Study arranged roommate in dorms, student flats, apartments or hotels; or live with a Chinese Host family in homestay. Accommodation for the entire period of your study program is included. (*Please contact PRC Study if you require accommodation for tuition only programs or wish not to have accommodation provided in the full service programs and we will give you the revised costs accordingly.)

    PRC Study will also handle your registration with the Police Bureau as required for all international students.

  21. Orientation + Campus Tour
    An orientation session is given on the first day of the program so that you can obtain important information about Beijing, the program, universities, medical insurance, as well as get answers to other questions of concern to you, such as related to banking, mobile, and so on.

    Students receive a tour of their respective school campus and its surrounding areas to see classrooms, library, student facilities, recreation areas, restaurants, shops, banks, post offices, and other essential locations. Students will also receive a local area tour so to get familiar with the university district.

  22. Arrival Booklet and Package
    Students are given a Welcome Arrival Package with relevant information and useful items including: PRC Study Student ID Card, essential contact numbers, a city map with bus and subway routes, student handbook, University campus map, local city magazine publications and more.

  23. Welcome Dinner & Networking
    A welcome dinner is organized to introduce PRC Study's participants to local city Chinese cuisine, and at the same time offer a forum for students to network with other foreign and local Chinese students and to foster cultural exchange.

  24. Social, Cultural & Sporting Activities
    To provide a comprehensive Chinese immersion learning experience and a chance to get better acquainted with your fellow students and new Chinese friends, PRC Study organizes many free social activities throughout the week ranging from dinners and outings, to Chinese cultural events and art exhibitions for PRC Study students. Activities may include:
    • Karaoke sing-along night
    • Mah-jiang night
    • Bowling happy hour
    • Peking Duck feast
    • Performances such as the Peking Opera and the Chinese Acrobats
    • Making Chinese handicrafts and pottery at the arts and crafts workshop
    • Shopping excursions to the Silk Market, Antique Markets & Dong An Night market
    • Boat trips at Hou Hai or Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace

    Alcoholic drinks are available at additional cost

  25. Guided Tours
    PRC Study arranges half or full day free guided tours on weekends for PRC Study students to discover China's famous historical attractions and rich cultural heritage, as well as get better acquainted with locals native Chinese people.
    • Some of the China's historical landmarks to be visited include: The Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Tian anmen Square, and the Forbidden City
    • Admission, transportation and English guides are provided at no extra cost

  26. Excursions (*)
    From time to time, PRC Study organizes weekend excursions to further broaden students' knowledge of China and create an even more memorable experience.
    • Excursions to places like Shaolin Temple, Tianjin, Chengdu, Xian, Shanghai, Dalian, Inner Mongolia, etc.
    • Excursion fees are not included in the Program fees; interested participants are required to pay the additional excursion fee.
    • For example, a day trip to Tianjin would cost US$25 per person. It can cost as low as US$150 to $300 for an all-inclusive three-day weekend or a week tour package, with train tickets, hotel, meals, admission to major attractions, English speaking guides, and bus transportation all covered.

  27. 24 Hour Hotline Support & Assistance
    PRC Study's multilingual team of staff offers prompt assistance & information 24/7 during your entire program stay to help you with your communication needs and emergency matters.

  28. Use of PRC Study Student Facilities
    Students can use the Student Lounge equipped with modern facilities. We offer computers providing free wired and wireless broadband Internet and E-mail access so you can keep in touch with friends, family and news back home. There is also a library containing learning materials including books, DvDs, reference on Chinese language, culture, history, arts, business and more.

  29. Message & Communication Center
    Students can receive faxes free of charge. We can also take and relay telephone messages for students, as well as receive mail and parcels, keeping it safe until students come and pick it up.

  30. Personal Daily Life Set Up Services
    PRC Study helps to minimize life, language, culture and communication barriers, allowing students to have a smoother transition into China. We also provide the following:
    • Personalized name cards with your contact information in Chinese and English for convenience of networking and meeting new friends
    • Assistance with daily life set-up (i.e. bank accounts, mobile phone, currency exchange, etc.)
    • Membership card and booklet containing information about restaurants (along with some Chinese menu items printed in English/Chinese), hotels, travel companies, shops and entertainment places where you receive discounts on services.
    • Beijing's nightlife and other night spots for your reference
    • Assistance with Chinese visa renewal should you wish to extend your stay in China.

  31. Local City Map (English & Chinese)
    China is currently changing as it develops. Students receive the most current version of the city map in English and Chinese to help them navigate as they explore their new home.

  32. Local Magazines (English & Chinese)
    Students will regularly receive local magazines in English and Chinese to stay informed about news, happenings and events taking place around the city. The Chinese versions are a good way to practice your Chinese reading skills!

  33. Travel Plans Assistance Coordination
    Students can receive discounted travel through our partnering travel agencies. Additionally, PRC staff members can assist you in coordinating travel arrangements and bookings.

  34. Long Distance Calling Card
    For your convenience in being able to stay in touch with your friends and family back home, PRC Study provides Long Distance Calling Cards for calling back home.

  35. Farewell Dinner and Departure Assistance
    At the end of your program, things can get quite hectic as you prepare to go back home and do the things you want to do before you leave. In order to help you lessen the stress, we will:
    • Help you close any accounts (i.e. bank, mobile, etc.)
    • Provide a forum where you can sell your personal belongings which you do not wish to take back with you or help you donate these items to reputable charities.
    • Offer you assistance to pre-transport of any additional luggage(s) back to your home country, if required
    • Offer you assistance for Chinese visa Renewal should you wish to extend your stay in China
    • Have a Farewell Dinner and exchange contact information with your foreign and local friends in China
    • Provide airport transportation to Airport or Train Station to ensure you depart safely

    Learning a foreign language is not just about words you learn in a classroom but about the overall China experience, the benefits of which will stay with you throughout your life. We offer affordable prices, and most importantly, we offer a safe and friendly immersion environment to experience, learn and study in the People's Republic of China. Feel free to contact us for more information at [email protected].

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