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Registration Procedure

PRC Study makes the registration process easy. All you have to do is a few easy steps before coming to China whilst we do the rest of the running around for you!

But before applying, please pay attention to the following:

1. PRC Study Adult Programs are opened to all students worldwide provided they are:

  • 18 years old or above
  • In good health
  • A high school graduate
  • 2. Please read the Program Terms & Conditions carefully before applying

    3. Please fill out the application form clearly


  • Step 1: Submit Application Documents
  • Step 2: Payment
  • Step 3: Visa
  • Step 4: Arriving in China
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    Fill in your application form. Then FAX or EMAIL scanned copies of the signed application form and all the documents stated below to PRC Study before the application deadline. Please see below for PRC Study Contact Information.

    1. Application form (Please Click Here to Get Copy)
    2. A copy of High School, College or University diploma and transcript
    3. Copy of passport (page with personal details and photo)

    4. Copy of ID with contact information (i.e. Driver's license)
    5. Resume (simple one page is sufficient)
    6. Two reference letters from people other than family members

    7. Copy of the payment receipt (i.e. bank receipt or money order for US$300, of which includes the US$100 Application Fee and US$200 Program Deposit)

    8. 6 Passport sized photos (4 weeks to 1 Semester students);
    12 passport sized photos (1 academic year students)

    Once PRC Study receives the documents above, we will process your application immediately. Within a few days, we will send an email or fax to confirm your program placement. Once your placement is confirmed, PRC Study will also send the School Acceptance Letter and Visa Support Documents to you.

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    PRC Study will send the School Acceptance Letter and Visa Support Documents to you. You are required to pay the remainder of the Program Fees (Total Program Fees MINUS the US$200 Program Deposit) and to do so before the program payment deadline. Once full payment is made, you can Fax , Mail , or Email admission (at) prcstudy.com the bank receipt for the program fees paid to PRC Study. Please see below for PRC Study Contact Information.

    Payment for the following is required:

    1. Application Fee US$100 - due in Step 1 when application is first submitted
    2. Program Deposit US$200 - due also in Step 1 when application is first submitted
    3. Remainder of Program Fee (Total Program Fee minus Program Deposit) - due in Step 2 when Enrollment is being completed

    Please note that the application fee is non-refundable. The program deposit will be deducted from your total program fees, and is also non-refundable, except under certain conditions, as outlined in the Program Terms & Conditions.

    Payment Method by Bank Transfer:

    Bank Transfer can be made from your bank account to PRC Study's bank account. Bank drafts and personal cheques are not accepted. Please email PRC Study at admission (at) prcstudy.com to obtain our bank account information.

    • Applying applicant is responsible for paying all bank charges
    • Please indicate your First and Last Name in the bank transfer being made
    • Please email us the TT bank code so that we can confirm when your payment arrives
    • Please include a copy of the bank receipt as payment confirmation when faxing and sending the other required documents as mentioned above in Step 1 to PRC Study

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    STEP 3: VISA

    When program fees are paid and program enrollment is completed, and once you receive the visa support documents (Invitation Letter or JW202 Form), you are required to go and obtain your visa to enter China at your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

  • L Visa
    - For students studying in ks (30 day stay)
  • F Visa
    - For students studying in China for less than 6 months
  • X Visa
    - For students studying in China for more than 6 months.
    Students applying for an X visa will also require a physical examination.
    Click here for more information regarding the physical examination.

    In some cases an X visa will be issued regardless of study duration. Faxed copies of the Letter of Invitation and/or JW202 forms are accepted by the Embassy or Consulate. In most countries visa processing takes approximately 2 weeks, but some can take up to three months. Therefore, it is advised that you check with your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate about visa application processing time and to apply for your China visa as early as possible.

    Please have the following items ready at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate:

    1. Visa Application Form (Obtained at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate Office and to be completed by you)
    2. Copy of the Invitation Letter from PRC Study OR copy of the School Acceptance Letter and/or JW202 Visa Form as dependent on the length of study (provided by PRC Study)

    3. Valid passport (your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months and for the duration of the program)

    4. 2 Passport size photos (2x2 inch full-faced headshot, taken within the last 6 months)

    5. Physical examination records ( for X Visa applicants only ). Click here for more info on the physical examination.

    6. Visa application fee

    For more information about China Visas, please click here

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    Send a fax or email admission (at) prcstudy.com to advise PRC Study of your arrival information, including date, time of arrival, airline, flight number, and place of departure, so that we can arrange your airport reception.

    Please give us this information at least 10 days before your arrival in Beijing. PRC Study Program Fees do not include airfares.


    Email: info (at) prcstudy.com

    Click here for PRC Study Email Form.

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