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Learn Mandarin Chinese in China
Study Mandarin Chinese in China
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Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese
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Activities, Guided Tours, and Excursions

PRC Study also realizes that an added advantage in learning Mandarin Chinese quickly and effectively is to get deep into the Chinese's rich and colourful culture and society.

Offering activities for all age groups, PRC Study organizes many free social, sporting and cultural activities, along with guided tours and excursions for students during their study program in China. These are excellent opportunities to practice Mandarin learnt in classes in out-of-class settings.

Social Activities

The social activities calendar varies and listed below are only a sampling of the many activities organized:

  • Dinner feasts to taste popular Chinese cuisines ranging from the famous traditional Peking duck to Shanghai, Sichuan, Northeast, Inner Mongolia foods and more.
  • Shopping outings to the Silk Market, Panjiayuan Antique Market, Hongqiao Pearl market, Dongan night market, Wangfujing, and other local favourite places
  • Karaoke where all can sing songs from English, Korean, Japanese to Chinese and more
  • Games night where you can play ma jiang, Chinese chess to other popular Chinese games.
  • Cinema showcase and see movies in Chinese with English subtitles
  • Bar and club nights starting from Wudaokou to Sanliturn
  • Boat trips at Hou Hai or Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace
Study Mandarin Chinese in China
Peking Duck Feast

Learn Chinese Language
Karaoke Sing-Along
Study at Chinese Universities
Ma Jiang Night
Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese
Shopping Tours

Study Mandarin Chinese in China
Bar and Club Nights
Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese
Visits to Night Markets
Study at Chinese Universities
Cinema Outing

Learn Chinese Language
Wangfujing Food Street
Study Mandarin Chinese in China
Chinese Cuisine

Sporting Activities

We organize sporting activities so students can stay healthy and stay in shape. Great fun, the activities could include:

  • Heading to the slopes for a day of skiing and snowboarding
  • Brunch at Hou Hai followed by lessons on how to do dragon boating and doing a treasure hunt
  • In-door rock climbing under supervision
  • Nature walks going to places such as Fragrant Hills, Ritan Park, Chaoyang Park, and various surrounding suburbs
  • Going to the suburbs to soak in the Hot Springs and swimming in the pools
  • Bowl-a-rama night at to see who gets the most strikes
  • Team related sports such as basketball, soccer and badminton
Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese

Learn Mandarin in China

Learn Chinese Language in China
Dragon Boat Racing

Learn Mandarin in China
Rock Climbing

Learn Chinese Language in China
Hiking & Nature Walks

Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese
Hot Spring

Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese
Shoot the Hoops
Learn Mandarin in China
Learn Chinese Language in China

Cultural Activities

Through the organized cultural activities, students can get a better understanding of China's rich and colourful culture and tradition which has been influenced by the country's 3000 year history. Some of the cultural activities organized are listed below:

  • Attend performances such as the Peking Opera and Chinese Acrobats
  • Learn about China's minority at the Xinjiang dinner, music and dance performance
  • Visit a traditional Chinese teahouse and learn about the tea ceremonies
  • Visit various art exhibitions and galleries to see both traditional and contemporary art
  • Making Chinese handicrafts and pottery at the arts and crafts workshop
  • Enjoy a traditional Chinese massage under qualified message practitioners
Learn Chinese Language in China
Chinese Tea

Study Abroad in China
Art Exhibitions

Learn Chinese Language in China
Peking Opera
Study Abroad in China
Chinese Acrobats

Learn Chinese Language in China
Making Chinese Crafts
Study Abroad in China
Foot Massages

Guided Tours

In addition, PRC Study will arrange guided tours for students to visit many interesting places, all of which are just absolutely amazing! Some visits could include going to:

  • Palace, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Ming Tombs, Hutongs, Beihai Park, Marco Polo Bridge, Hou Hai and the Drum Tower, Liu Li Chang, Lama Temple and more
  • Other famous contemporary attractions, such as CCTV Tower, Old Beijing Miniature Landscapes, Botanical Garden, Undersea World and more

Through the guided tours you can see the many wonders of China, and at the same time you can get better acquainted with fellow students and local Chinese people, and practice speaking Chinese. Admission, transportation and English guides are provided at no extra cost.

Learn Mandarin in China
Great Wall

Study Abroad in China
Summer Palace
Learn Mandarin in China
Forbidden City
Study Abroad in China
Learn Mandarin in China
Ming Tombs
Study Abroad in China
Temple of Heaven

Weekend Excursions

From time to time, PRC Study will organize weekend excursions to further broaden students' knowledge of China and create an even more memorable experience. Such excursions could include going to places like:

  • Shanghai
  • Tianjin
  • Shaolin Temple
  • Datong
  • Dalian
  • Xian
  • Kunming
  • Inner Mongolia
  • And more

Though weekend excursions are not included in any of the program fees, the cost for participation is quite low. For instance, a day trip to Tianjin costs about US$25 per person. It can cost as low as US$150 to $300 for an all-inclusive three-day weekend or a week tour package to other cities in China, with train tickets, hotel, meals, admission to major attractions, English speaking guides, and bus transportation all covered.

Study Abroad in China

Learn to Speak Chinese
Study Abroad in China Mongolia
Learn to Speak Chinese
Study Abroad in China
Temple Datong
Learn to Speak Chinese

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Study Mandarin Chinese in China
Study Chinese Language in China
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