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Beijing Sport University


Study Mandarin Chinese in ChinaBeijing Sport University (BSU) was founded on November 1, 1953 under its original name, the Central School Sports College. The university is located in Zhongguancun High-Tech Park, beside the Old Summer Palace (Yuanmingyuan), in Haidian District in Beijing. It now covers an area of 1300 acres, with a total floor space of 380,000 square meters. In 1960, the university was acknowledged as a key national institution. It has made a significant contribution to the sustainable development of Chinese sport and physical education. The university also enjoys fame as one of China??s key sports universities and one of the top institutions of its kind in the world.

Learn to Speak ChineseOver the past 50 years, the university has contributed to the growth and maintenance of worldwide respect for Chinese sports. Beijing Sport University also places great importance on international cooperation and has participated in exchanges with 39 universities from 18 countries and regions, including the Russian National Sports University, Indiana University in the USA, and the College of Sports in Cologne, Germany. Graduates of BSU have gone on to win many awards in their sporting careers, among them 366 recipients of the New China Sports honorary title. Since 1980, students from this university have participated in many important sporting events, such as the Asian Games, the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Moreover, the university has been involved in over 450 scientific research projects on behalf of both provincial and ministerial authorities, over 40 state-level scientific research projects, and published monographs, translations, and over a thousand popular science books. Now the university is focusing more on training, research and high-quality education, hoping to become a world-class sports university and play a part in Chinese success at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as well as continuing to support sport in China more generally.

Learn Chinese Language in ChinaThere are currently 15,000 students in the university, with more than 700 representing the national team in their respective sports. Over 500 long term foreign students have successfully graduated from this university not including 2000 more who come here for academic exchanges for short term advanced studies every year.


Beijing Sport University consists of seven colleges and two elite sport schools, including Physical Education and Training, Human Movement Science, Sports Sociology Humanities, and National Traditional Sports Science among others. The school became the first university in China to offer a doctorate in the study of sports centers, education and training. Overseas students are welcomed to study all disciplines available at BSU provided they have met the university??s entry requirements.

Beijing Sport University??s programs aim to train highly qualified education teachers, coaches, sport science researchers and other physical education personnel.Additionally, students and other physical education personnel enjoy the services given by their respective departments.

The Martial Arts Training department offers practical and theoretical knowledge of wushu where foreign students are encouraged to acquire knowledge Chinese wushu??s history.By practicing wushu students can cultivate a healthy body, soul, and perfect one's morality; and at the end of the programs, students will gain a deeper understanding of the essence of Chinese marital arts and will increased their mental and physical skills and abilities.
2. The knowledge gained at BSU will enable foreign students to correctly demonstrate wushu movements and teach or train in Chang Quan, Tai ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan), Sanda/ Sanshou, Dao Yin Yan Sheng Gong, or be a judge in a wushu competition.

3. The university runs a variety of classes for foreign students: Chang Quan, Tai ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan), Sanda/ Sanshou, and Dao Yin Yan Sheng Gong. Most courses last for 2 years. Foreign students may either follow the training program starting from the first grade or join in the class in the middle of the course according to his/her skill level.

8:30-11:00AM(Monday - Friday)
There are 15 classes each week for 38 weeks every year. For more information, please click on PRC Study??s Mandarin and Martial Arts Program.


Beijing Sport University has a staff of 1000, including senior professionals, technical staff, researchers, and world-class referees, national team coaches and captains representing a variety of sporting disciplines. Across the university, experienced, highly-trained and award-winning teachers can be found working in well-equipped, modern teaching buildings.

Certain teachers are well-known by top athletes and coaches for their expertise in their respective field. Also among the school??s staff are graduates of Beijing University of Physical Education, some of whom have taken part in national competitions and come out with top-class results.

Campus Facilities 


The university library was founded 40 years ago and holds a collection of more than 430,000 volumes, including Chinese and foreign language books, periodicals, microfilm, audio and video products. Foreign language books in stock include English, Russian, Japanese, and German titles, as well as publications in many other languages. A broad collection of sports dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs and newspapers are also available in the library.

Beijing Sport University Press (BSUP) is China??s only professional sports publisher. Aside from printed releases, BSUP??s tai chi multimedia CD-ROM won the first multimedia CD-ROM Mobishi International Commission of China Grand Prix Award in 1995, as administered by the State Press and Publication Administration. This national University Press has also published titles on practical martial arts, traditional martial arts, qigong health care, Chinese calligraphy, chess, and cards.

 Recreation Facilities

A comprehensive range of sport facilities are available at BSU, including tennis courts, table-tennis rooms, badminton courts, a shooting range and football fields. Indoor and outdoor volleyball and basketball courts, a running track and swimming pool are available all week long. The university also provides rooms for gymnastics and wushu practise.

The university is also abundantly equipped with facilities for training, teaching and science research. It also contains a sports information center, scientific research and audio-visual education center. Moreover, there are 15 indoor training halls, 68 outdoor courts and fields, along with 24 teaching and research sections in the university.


Coin-operated washing facilities are available in all dormitories for international students. A laundry service is also available on campus, for those needing dry-cleaning services.

 Medical Care

There is an on-campus clinic, although only with Chinese speaking staff. For English-speaking medical care, International SOS Hospital is one option, located in Chaoyang District, with doctors on duty 24 hours a day. It provides comprehensive medical services including dentistry, counseling, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition and TCM. An on-site pharmacy stocks Western medication and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) ingredients. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. For clinic appointments call 010-6462-9112, and call 010-6462-0333 for dental appointments.

 Food & Groceries

There is a convenience store on campus offering a variety of food, drinks, snacks and much more. Carrefour, a French international hypermarket, is located just 10 minutes away by taxi, and provides everything from food, drinks, snacks, and fruit, to household items and even clothes.


The university provides single or double rooms for international students. Typically, all rooms are equipped with basic furniture, a toilet, central heating system, TV and telephone. Shared washing machines and a kitchen with refrigerator and cooking facilities is available on each floor.


From the airport to the university: ?60 minutes by car

From the train station to the university: ?90 minutes by car

Learn Chinese Language in China
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