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Dalian University of Foreign Languages


China Business ProgramDalian University of Foreign Languages (DLUFL), located in the center of Dalian city in Liaoning Province, was founded in 1964.  It is the only higher education institution specializing in foreign language studies in the northeast of China.  DLUFL is an international university, with enrollment of international students currently exceeding 800.  The university has established exchange and cooperative ties with over 60 universities and research institutions worldwide.

Dalian University of Foreign Languages has various majors, each with their own defining features.  The university's academic research and teaching capabilities have won an excellent reputation both at home and abroad.  The university concentrates on five languages: English, French, German, Japanese and Russian.  DLUFL also has been teaching Chinese to foreign students for over 40 years, and is regarded as a leader in the field of foreign language study.

The School of Chinese Studies (SCS) in DLUFL has always been northeast China's largest center for teaching Chinese language and culture.  While centering on the humanities, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, with other majors including economics, trade, management and engineering, is striving to become a new type of university, with its own distinctive characteristics and strengths.

Study Abroad in China Now, the faculty of SCS' aim is to use their talents and hard work to make a reputation for SCS as one of China's first-class Chinese language teaching bases.Currently DLUFL has 800 students from 43 countries, the majority coming from Korea and Japan. 

DLUFL attaches great importance to international exchanges and has established cooperation with over 100 universities, research institutions and civic groups from 20 countries.  Over 300 undergraduates and postgraduates are sent abroad each year to study at prestigious universities in Japan, Russia, the Republic of Korea, France, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries.  DLUFL takes its mission as being the cultivation of talents with multidisciplinary knowledge, multiple skills and an international orientation; in turn, graduates of the university enjoy a good reputation in Chinese society. 


Dalian University of Foreign Languages offers majors in a range of subjects, including economics, trade, management and engineering, but maintains a central focus on the humanities.  It is aiming to become a university with its own distinguishing features and, due to its geographical position, hosts an excellent School of Japanese Studies, which is currently the largest center for the teaching and research of Japanese language and culture outside Japan. 

One of the first institutions to offer a BA degree in Chinese, the School of Chinese Studies (SCS) is an important center of Chinese language learning for international students in China, as well as being a national HSK Testing Centre.

At present, 800 international students are enrolled in courses at DLUFL, with 450 students on short-term courses.  Short-term courses lasting five to six weeks are available during the summer and winter, while students looking for greater immersion can take semester-long courses in Chinese. 

During a semester of study, the students have class for 20 hours a week, 16 weeks per semester.  Each semester wraps up with a one-week examination period.  Beginners automatically start in the first elementary class.  Those who already have foundational Chinese abilities will be tested before class placement and are able to swap classes within the first two days, after which class placement is fixed.  Students who have studied for one or more years can join an intensive class if they wish to. 

Depending on students' Chinese level, short-term and semester and year long courses will include study of courses from essential Chinese, intermediate Chinese, advanced Chinese, spoken Chinese, listening comprehension, Chinese reading, composition, translation, news and introduction to Chinese culture.  Optional electives include calligraphy, Chinese painting, shadow boxing, kung fu, folk music instruments, and modern Chinese grammar.


There are about 70 teaching staff in the Chinese Department.  These teachers have edited textbooks such as “Chinese ABC,” “Functional Chinese Dictionary for Foreign Learners” and “Teaching of Sub-conventional Chinese”.  Part-time teachers also form a substantial section of the faculty. 

Campus Facilities


DLUFL library holds 765,000 books and 600,000 electronic books with electronic reading rooms.  The library provides students and teachers with spacious and bright reading rooms.  Modern satellite receivers and a cable TV system provide various teaching programs in different languages.  A well-equipped computer center has a micro-computer network and internet service which allows students and teachers to send and receive information from both within China and overseas. 

The library is currently moving location and reference periods should be pre-booked.

Recreation Facilities

Learn Chinese Language in China The university has complete sports center facilities, at a small cost to the student.  Students are encourage to actively engage in various campus competitions such as the sports day, basketball matches, football matches, volleyball matches, gymnastic contests, and debating contests.

Courses and lectures are offered on topics like Chinese geography, history, folk art, calligraphy, painting, shadow boxing, kung fu, cooking, and folk music instruments (such as the Chinese violin, bamboo flute and Chinese guitar).


Many essential services including laundries and drycleaners can be found near the campus.

Money & Banking

Banks and a post office are located close to the campus, including a branch of the Bank of China for international services. 

Medical Care

Although there is no hospital on campus, the Railway Hospital is a ten minute walk away.  The Medical Science University has a clinic especially set up to cater to foreigners, and is known to be Dalian's best hospital.  It can be reached by taxi. 

Food & Groceries

The campus has three dining rooms with service at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Dormitories do not have their own kitchens, but there are mini-markets where drinks and convenience foods can be purchased to suit international tastes.  The university is in the city center, and many restaurants and several large department stores are within a 15-minute walk from the campus.

Postal Services

There is a post office on campus, which is open from Monday to Friday. 


Dalian University of Foreign Languages has just one dormitory building for international students.  It is located next to the Chinese Language Teaching Building.  The Chinese Department has a large dormitory building, with both single and double rooms available.  All rooms are equipped with international telephone lines and ADSL at additional costs.  The dormitories do not yet have ensuite facilities and are fan-cooled rather than air-conditioned.  The dormitories have shared shower rooms on each floor.  Additionally, a gym, laundry, photocopying, fax and postal services and kiosk shopping are also available.  Both the Chinese students from the schools of English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, and Korean and the foreign students live on the same campus, meaning they have great opportunities to get to know each other and learn from one another.


The Chinese language college is in the city center with very convenient transportation links.

Distance from the airport:  Twenty minutes by taxi from the airport. 

Distance from the train station:  Eight minutes from the train station by taxi.

Learn Chinese Language in China
Learn Mandarin in China

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