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Nanjing Normal University


Study at Chinese UniversitiesNanjing Normal University (NNU) is located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of six dynasties in Chinese history. Nanjing Normal University is one of Jiangsu Province's key universities, and also one of the "211 Project" institutions, which are designated by the Chinese government to receive special attention and development. Its history can be traced back to Sanjiang Normal School, which was established in 1902.

The school operated under a series of names throughout the twentieth century, including Liangjiang Excellent Normal School, Nanjing Higher Normal School, Southeast University, Central University, and even as part of Nanjing University. Another source came from Huiwen Institute set up in 1888, which developed into the private Jinling University, merged with the Jinling Women's College of Arts and Sciences (which once went by the name of the Private Jinling Women's University) and became the National Jinling University.

Learn Chinese Language In 1952, when Chinese institutions of higher learning underwent a process of nationwide reorganization, Nanjing Teachers' College came into being, bringing together departments from Nanjing University, Jinling University and a number of other institutions under one umbrella of higher education.

The school became Nanjing Normal University in January 1984, and merged with Nanjing Advanced College of Dynamics in March 2000. Nanjing Normal University celebrated its centenary year in 2002. The university provides bachelors, masters and Ph.D programs in a large variety of areas such as liberal arts, history, philosophy, education, science, engineering, economics, law, and public administration.

Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese Over the past decade, Nanjing Normal University has established close partnerships for education, exchange and cooperation with overseas universities, institutes, schools and educational organizations in different countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Germany, France, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Russia, Japan, Singapore and Korea. Based on these relationships, the university has also established and maintained contacts with relevant government departments, such as education departments, immigration bureaus, and consulates general.

Nanjing Normal University is famous for its beautiful campuses, of which there are three. The university is spread out across Suiyuan Campus (the oldest, and the location of the College for International Students), Zijin Campus, and the newest, Xianlin Campus, which was built in 1999.


The university has comprehensive study options and well-known programs including the liberal arts, history, philosophy, education, science, engineering, economics, law, and public administration.

Over the years nearly 7,000 international students have studied, researched or received training at Nanjing Normal University. The Chinese Department offers a number of options for international students wishing to study Mandarin Chinese at Nanjing Normal University. Short-term and long-term classes are available, with courses ranging from a few weeks up to as long as a full year.

Classes are generally in the mornings, with students being assigned a class based on their performance in a placement test. Compulsory courses include speaking class, listening class, reading class, writing class, and grammar class.

International students can choose from a number of optional and interesting electives. The aim of the electives is to give students a chance to put what they have learned from their language classes into practice in a natural environment, while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese history, traditions, arts and culture. Elective classes are generally held in the afternoon.


There are 1,549 full-time teachers and researchers in Nanjing Normal University, including two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Teachers in the Chinese Department are specialized in teaching Chinese to international students, being fully certified by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and having a wealth of experience in the field. Several professors are counted among the staff of the Chinese Department.

Campus Facilities 


Nanjing University library was founded in 1952, and became a large-scale library of higher education in 2002. Nanjing Normal University library has over 2.65 million volumes in its collection, categorized under the disciplines of Education, Humanities, Law, Science, Social Sciences, Arts, and Engineering.

The library has introduced many different types of large-scale compact disc database and 60 types of network database, with the contents including articles, history, society, psychology, technical disciplines and many other subjects. Its powerful search engine can also help readers find whatever materials they need, as they need them. Most of the library's facilities are open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

Recreation Facilities

The university has a full range of sports equipment and facilities. For example, there are on-campus football pitches, basketball courts, tennis courts, table tennis tables, a gymnasium and also a swimming pool.For off-campus evening entertainment, the area nearby the university has plenty of bars and cafes which are popular among international students.


Coin operated washing machines are located within the student accommodation. Dry cleaning facilities are available near the university campus.

Money & Banking

There are 24-hour ATMs available on campus and bank branches which are at easy to get to; additionally, there are many banks conveniently located near the campus. A full range of international services is available at most banks, including money transfer and currency exchange. For greater financial convenience during their period of study in China, international students can also open a bank account at their preferred bank.

Medical Care

Nanjing Normal University Hospital provides medical care for students of the university as well as the general public. A well-stocked pharmacy stocks both western medicines, as well as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) ingredients. Outside of the university, there are other hospitals in Nanjing, including some with English-speaking staff.

Food & Groceries

The university has several supermarkets and grocery stores on campus. All of these offer a large range of products, from food, drinks and snacks, to stationery and notebooks, and many more essential items like shampoo, soap and toothpaste.

Postal Services

There is a post office on campus making it convenient and hassle-free for students to send and receive mail and parcels from all over the world. The post office also offers post boxes, envelopes and stamps.


Student dormitory accommodations are available and rooms generally include one or two beds, TV, telephone, desk, chairs, air-conditioning, and ensuite bathrooms. Internet facilities are available for an additional charge and from time to time there is room cleaning services provided.


The university is situated in the northwest part of the city, near the city center, Xuanwu Lake, the old city wall and the other universities.

Distance from the airport: about an hour by taxi

Distance from the train station: about 30 minutes by taxi

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