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Shanghai Jiaotong University


Study Abroad in ChinaShanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) is one of the oldest and most influential universities in China. The university is conveniently located in metropolitan Shanghai. It has five campuses, Xuhui, Minhang, Qibao, Shangzhong Road and Fahuazheng Road. Over the past decade, the campuses have grown to cover an area of more than 200 hectares. Originally called Nan Yang Public School in 1896; by 1930 it had become known as the "Eastern MIT".

At the end of Chinese Civil War in 1952, some faculties of the university were incorporated into other universities. At the same time, engineering faculties from outside were absorbed to create a specialized engineering university. In 1956, the national government decided to create another top university and the school was officially renamed Shanghai Jiaotong University. Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai Second Medical University merged on July 18, 2005 under the name Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Since 2003 the Shanghai Jiaotong University has been ranked by the Academic Ranking of World Universities, which analyses the top universities in the world based on the quality of faculty, research output, quality of education and performance.Shanghai Jiaotong's talented alumni have a solid theoretical foundation, complex knowledge structure, international communication skills and highly developed characters.

The university's students have won top prizes in various competitions, such as the International Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Electronic Design. Shanghai Jiaotong has been actively involved in international academic exchanges and cooperation with more than 100 universities and colleges in the world, and has also established relations with many research institutions, corporations and enterprises in China and abroad.


Learn Chinese at Top Chinese UniversitiesShanghai Jiaotong University comprises 20 academic schools, two directly affiliated department and one graduate school. It also has a School of Continuing Education, School of Online Learning, School of International Education and a Vocational School. There are 60 undergraduate programs, 152 master degree programs, 93 doctoral programs, and 14 state key laboratories and national engineering centers.

The School of International Education in Shanghai Jiaotong University provides a Mandarin Chinese Language Program to international students from all over the world. The school is located at Xu Jia Hui and very closes to many embassies. Several public transport links such as subway, light-rail, and bus can be reached within a few minutes walk. Nanjing Road, Huai Hai Road, Hong Qiao Airport, Shanghai Railway Station and Pu Dong are not far from the school. Shanghai Jiaotong University offers short and long term programs, one to one based tutorials, and HSK test preparation.

Shanghai Jiaotong University offers short term Mandarin Chinese Program lasting anywhere from one to several weeks. The long term Mandarin Chinese programs offered are from one semester to one year in length. Courses include listening, speaking, composition / grammar, extensive reading, and Chinese culture. Optional elective Courses could include HSK preparation, martial arts, Chinese Cooking, calligraphy, painting, seal cutting, music, movie appreciation, Chinese tourism and culture, as well as learning the Shanghai dialect

Shanghai Jiaotong University can also provide "One to One Based Tutorials" during the days, evenings or weekends; and the cost depends on the number of hours to be studied. Additionally, the university also offers the HSK Preparation Courses HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) also known as the Chinese proficiency level test. The HSK test is held in May, July, October and December at the Xu Hui campus. The test is designed to measure the Chinese proficiency level of non-native speakers. It is equivalent to the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and offered in three levels: Basic, Elementary-Intermediate and Advanced.


Study Mandarin Chinese in BeijingSince its foundation, the university has enjoyed the reputation as a leading institution of research and higher education in China. The university boasts a number of famous scientists and professors; it has over 1,420 professors and associate professors, including 35 academicians and 7 chief scientists. Teachers from this university have received many top awards from the National Award of Outstanding Achievements in Education for their teaching, research and textbooks.

Shanghai Jiaotong University has invited more than 100 famous scientists and specialists as honorable professors or consulting professors, including some Nobel Prize winners. SJTU also sends excellent teachers and students abroad every year to give lectures, to study or attend international academic conferences.

Teachers in the Mandarin Chinese Department are highly-qualified and have many years of experience teaching foreign students. There are more than 50 teachers in this department and all of them are expert native Chinese speaker certified by the Ministry of Education. Benefiting from advanced teaching methods, students will improve their Mandarin Chinese ability and those who are interested can take the HSK exam, which is held several times a year.

Campus Facilities 


Shanghai Jiaotong University library was established in 1896 as a small reading room. In 1919, it became an independent library building. The library consists of three parts in Xu Hui, Min Hang and Qi Bao campus. The library covers an area of 43,000 square meters with over 4,000 reading room seats.

With a collection of 2.2 million volumes including 4,800 kinds of Chinese and foreign language periodicals, it provides high-quality services to over 30,000 students and staff members in the university. The collection of electronic resources now includes over 30 CD ROM and 20 online databases, covering more than 13,000 full-text e-journal titles in Chinese and foreign languages, as well as approximately 100,000 e-books.

Shanghai Jiaotong University library has established extensive cooperation with many university libraries and information centers in China, U.S.A and England. It also takes part in the American Online Catalogue Center. The major collections are in the fields of Communication, Material Science, Energy & Power, Electromechanical Science, Information, Management and Agricultural Science. In the library, Computer Center and Audio Visual Education Centers are equipped with advanced research and teaching equipment and facilities.

SJTU's library is increasingly focused on building itself into an advanced digital research library, information resources center, a high-level information reference center and a vital link for China's digital libraries. It is open everyday, 7:30 am - 10 pm from Monday to Friday; 9 am - 5 pm on Saturday and 2 pm ?C 10 pm on Sunday.

Recreation Facilities

Shanghai Jiaotong University provides a gymnasium on campus and the price is relatively low. Badminton courts, tennis courts, football fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts and running track are available inside the campus. All Chinese and international students can use these sports facilities.


Washing machines are provided in every dormitory; students can purchase a magnetic card or certain coins at the dormitory reception desk. A dry cleaning service can be found inside the campus at the Laundromat.

Money & Banking

These banks can be found nearby: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of Construction, and Bank of Shanghai. Each bank provides 24 hours ATM. All major currencies are accepted and these banks allow foreigners to open foreign exchange accounts.

Medical Care

A Chinese clinic with Chinese speaking doctors and nurses is located on campus. Students who need Chinese medicine can buy it here.

An international hospital named Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital is open 24 hours everyday; the hotline number is (8621) 6404-1990. Most doctors speak good English and were educated abroad. A well-stocked pharmacy provides Western medication and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) ingredients.

Food & Groceries

International students can go to the various canteens on campus. Self service is about RMB 21 / day, dining room is RMB 28 / day. A small grocery store is available on campus selling many kinds of food, drink, snacks, and even fruit.

Postal Services

There is post office inside the campus; mail and packages from all over the world can be sent and received here. It also sells post-office boxes, stamps and envelopes.


The dormitories for foreign students offer single and double rooms. Each room is equipped with a bathroom, TV, direct-dial telephone, and air conditioner. Internet connection is available but an extra charge is required. Additional facilities such as kitchen, refrigerator, microwave and oven are available in every dormitory building. Students are responsible for paying water and electricity that exceeds the monthly limitation of RMB90.


From the Pu Dong airport to the university: 1.5 ?C 2 hours by car

From the Hong Qiao airport to the university: 45 minutes by car

From the train station to the university: 45 ?C 60 minutes by car

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