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Tianjin University


Learn to Speak Mandarin ChineseTianjin University (TU) is located on the Coast of Bohai Sea, close to Nankai University. Established in 1985, it has a park-like setting and classic architecture. Originally named Peiyang University, after restructuring in 1951 the university was renamed Tianjin University. It has become one of the largest multidisciplinary engineering universities in China. Moreover, it was one of the first 16 universities accredited by the State Council's Office in 1959. Famous for its academic spirit of "Rigorous Scholarship and Rigid Discipline", the university is also well known as the first educational institution of higher learning in China.

Tianjin University occupies an area of 139 hectares and has around 1,000,000 square meters of buildings. Many modern teaching buildings, research buildings, students dormitories and staff residential apartments have been built. Advanced teaching and research facilities, the sports field, gym and a complete living and service establishment have given great support to teaching and research of the University. Currently, the total student population is 30,000, of which over 1,000 are overseas students from more than 30 countries.


Tianjin University is comprised of 12 schools. International students are accepted to study every specialty, including science and technology, ideology, politics, art, language and culture, provided that they have met the university's entry requirements. Tianjin University's students have gained high praise for their knowledge and ability, and have also made great contributions in every walk of life. In the field of international student education, it was the first university in China to establish international cooperation and has conducted extensive international exchanges with more than 20 countries and regions.

Founded in January 2000, the School of International Education offers Mandarin Chinese Programs to international students. Class size is limited to around 20 students. Placement tests are held at the beginning of each semester to put students in the right class for their language ability. All classes are held from 8:30 am until 12 pm from Monday to Friday. Interested students can participate in the optional electives and cultural classes in the afternoon which include Chinese calligraphy, painting, taijiquan, and many more.

Tianjin University offers short and long term Mandarin Chinese programs offered throughout the year. The short term Mandarin Chinese programs are from 2 weeks to 12 weeks in length, with approximately 20 hours of lessons per week. The short term programs generally run in the summer months from June to August, and in the winter from December to January. The long term Mandarin Chinese programs consist of one semester and one year programs, again with about 20 hours of lessons per week. The long term programs generally start in Spring and Fall. Both the short and long term programs will cover Chinese writing, reading, grammar, speaking, listening, Chinese literature and culture courses. Different levels are available from complete beginner, beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced.

Optional elective classes are also offered and are generally available in the afternoons. Electives offered could include HSK preparation, handwriting, ethnic minority dance, shadow boxing, and Chinese cooking.


There are 4,600 faculty and staff members at Tianjin University; many are award-winning, among them Nobel Prize Winners, Honorary Professors and National Academicians from numerous countries. In 1999, Tianjin University received a rating of "Excellent" by the Ministry of Education's evaluation of undergraduate teaching.

There are more than 40 teachers in the Mandarin Chinese Language department. The level and quality of teaching has grown steadily and attracted more and more international students. In recent years, there have been over 1,000 international students at different levels coming to this university each year to study Mandarin.

Campus Facilities


Tianjin University library is the oldest among China's university libraries and was founded in 1895. The library covers a total floor space of 26,000 square meters, with a collection of 2 million volumes of books. They have 19,000 journal titles, conference papers and academic society publications. Nearly 75% of the whole collection is in the field of natural science and the other 25% is comprised mainly of Marxism, language, literature and industrial economics.

The library is equipped with modern facilities, including 3 circulation desks, 22 modern electric reading rooms with 1,700 seats, video-audio learning rooms and several meeting rooms. Students and staff can borrow 1-5 books at a time for up to a month. The library is open all week from 8 am - 12 pm and 2 pm - 6 pm.

Recreation Facilities

Students can enjoy the gymnasium and sport facilities, such as swimming pool, basketball courts, football courts, ping pong tables and badminton courts. Alternatively, students can go to the beach for swimming. Another option is climbing the Ancient Great Wall on Huangya Pass or Panshan Mountain, which is regarded as "The First Mountain to The East of Beijing". Other recreation facilities, such as bars and clubs can easily be found outside campus within 15 minutes walking distance.


Washing facilities are available on every floor. Students need to purchase magnetic cards to use the washing machine. A Laundromat offering a dry cleaning service is located on campus.

Money & Banking

Students don't need to worry about banking activities, because Tianjin University has ICBC, Bank of China, Bank of Tianjin, Bank of Communication, China Everbright Bank and Agricultural Bank of China branches. All these banks are located on campus and have 24-hour ATMs.

Medical Care

A Chinese clinic, providing Chinese medicine, is available inside Tianjin University and it is open 24 hours everyday. Students need to bring their ID card to see the doctors.

Tianjin Hospital is located fives minutes away from the Tianjin University campus, and is open 24 hours as well. This international hospital is equipped with modern facilities, a well-stocked pharmacy and experienced doctors and nurses. Foreign and Chinese doctors speak good English and offer high quality medical services.
Tel: (8622) 2238-2917

Food & Groceries

A dining hall for international students can be found on the first floor of Liuyuan dormitory which provides many kinds of Chinese food. The opening time is from 6:30 am - 7:30 am (breakfast), 11:00 am - 1:00 pm (lunch) and 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm (dinner).

A bookstore and grocery store are available on campus. Moreover, there is a Carrefour nearby which is within 15 minutes walking distance.

Postal Services

There is a post office on campus that ships and receives mail and packages from all over the world. It also sells stamps, envelopes and post-office boxes.


Tianjin University offers dormitories for international students, which have single and double rooms. Generally, every room is equipped with one or twin beds, desks, chairs, s TV, phone, toilet, air conditioner, and electric water heaters which supply 24 hours hot water. Electricity is not included in accommodation and students will need to pay an additional fee. The dormitories have public internet facilities. For a private internet connection, students can go to the post office on campus and pay an additional fee.


Because there is no airport in Tianjin, students need to go to Beijing first and then continue by train, car or bus. Tianjin is just 135 kilometers away from Beijing, so it will take about 79 minutes by train to arrive.

From the train station to the university: 20 minutes by car

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