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Yunnan University


Learn to Speak ChineseYunnan University (YU) in Kunming was founded in December 1922, with the first group of students starting their studies on April 20, 1923. The university, originally called the University of the Eastern Land, is situated in Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan. Yunnan University developed a reputation as one of the top universities in the Asia Pacific region, and in 1946 was listed in the world-famous Concise Encyclopedia Britannica as one of China's 15 internationally prestigious higher education institutions. On April 27, 1998, shares in Yunnan University's faculty of Science and Technology were issued on stock markets in China.

Learn Mandarin in ChinaYunnan University faces the Green Lake, a winter haunt for Siberian seagulls, and lies next to the Yuan Tong Hill, a zoological park known for its rare species of animals and birds. The school occupies an area of 426,669 square meters, of which 350,000 square meters are classrooms and other teaching-related buildings. The campus is covered with the green shades of exuberant ginkgoes and cherries, under which lie patches of fragrant orchids and narcissuses, as blocks of teaching buildings, library buildings and laboratories stand out among the riot of colors created by the blooming flowers.This salubrious climate of lasting spring is perfect for study and other academic pursuits.

Learn to Speak ChineseIn the last five years, Yunnan University has established cooperation in higher learning and research organization with more than 50 institutes in 20 countries and regions. As a result, the university has become one of the most academically active universities in the Asia Pacific region. Currently, Yunnan University is among 61 "211 Project" universities in China authorized for special development by the Chinese central government. Yunnan University has also been placed on a list of key national universities for the development of western China. The school's alumni enjoy a very high reputation both within and outside Yunnan Province. Currently, there are 19,872 students in the university.


Students can be accepted to study in every specialty, including 65 majors covering the seven broad fields of literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, and science; the university offers two state-level key disciplines in ecology and the nation, and 27 provincial-level key disciplines.

In the International Exchange Department, the Chinese Language and Culture Department offers short- and long-term Mandarin Chinese programs. Yunnan University's Chinese programs are highly flexible and whether students are looking for full immersion or simply dipping their toes in the waters of Chinese language, the school can give them what they are looking for. For long-term students, the one-semester or one-year programs are ideal. Courses include listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar, magazine and newspaper reading.

Students with less time to spare can enroll on short-term courses ranging from one to six weeks, with four hours of classes per day. A flexible curriculum caters to the needs and requirements of the students, with courses including listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar, Chinese literature, Chinese culture, and business communication. Additionally, for highly personalized study with the full attention of the teacher, students can opt for the one-on-one classes on offer.

In addition to the core morning classes, Yunnan University offers flexible and optional elective courses in the afternoon. Courses available include Chinese culture, Chinese history, Chinese customs, Chinese ethnic groups and religion, Chinese calligraphy and painting, magazine and newspaper reading, Chinese kung fu (including shadow boxing), Chinese folk music instruments, national music and dance, and HSK guidance classes.


There are 2,372 teachers and staffs, among whom 222 are full professors and 409 are associate professors. The average age of Yunnan University employees is 40 years old, and many of the staff have been educated abroad, in addition to their strong academic backgrounds and wealth of experience.

The existing team of teaching staff at Yunnan University includes 185 Ph.D holders (doctorate candidates included), 683 teachers with doctoral or masters degrees, and 289 teachers promoted to professorship on the basis of excellent performance. The cultivation of teachers at different levels has yielded notable results at Yunnan University. Among the staff are five experts who have been honored for outstanding contribution at the national level, 18 experts honored for outstanding contribution at the provincial level, and 39 winners of a special government allowance.

The Mandarin Chinese Language Department has more than 30 teachers giving Mandarin Chinese language classes to international students. All of them are expert native Chinese speakers, having many years of experience in teaching overseas students and certified by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Campus Facilities 


The library is equipped with modern facilities, including the modern, multi-functional and open information resource base. It has a digital network system offering access to the entire shared administrative network of universities in Kunming. The operations of book access, cataloging, circulation, and public retrieval in the library have already been put under computerized network management.

Yunnan University library has a collection of over 1.2 millions books; some of them are rare copies or examples of valuable historical Chinese literature.The library at Dong Lu campus opens from 8 am ?C 10 pm Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday; and from 8 am ?C 12 pm on Friday. The other library at Yang Pu campus opens from 8 am ?C 10:30 pm Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday; and from 8:30 am ?C 12:30 pm on Friday.

Yunnan University also has a publishing house under its administration, which has so far issued over two million volumes of a variety of academic works. Yunnan University's academic periodical Ideological Frontier (Social Science Version) has obtained the status of Kernel National Periodical in China, and the Academic Journal of Yunnan University (Natural Science Version) has been judged as among the very best academic journals published by the key national universities and colleges in China.

Recreation Facilities

A number of sport facilities are available, such as football fields, tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts and a running track. There is also a gymnasium nearby, just 10 minutes walking distance from the campus.

Money & Banking

The Bank of Communication, Bank of Construction and Bank of China are all located on or nearby the campus, equipped with 24-hour ATMs. A full range of banking services is provided in these banks, from cash deposit and withdrawal to foreign currency exchange and money transfers.


Since every dormitory provides hotel-like services, there are no washing machines in the dorms. By paying a small amount of money at the reception desk, students can have their clothes picked up from their rooms and returned after washing. There is also a reasonably priced dry cleaning service.

Medical Care

There is a 24-hour Chinese clinic inside the campus.

For students who want to go to an international hospital, Yunda Hospital is adjacent to the university, with doctors educated and trained overseas and speaking good English. A well-stocked pharmacy at the hospital provides Western medication and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) ingredients. Yunda Hospital is open 24 hours daily.

Address: No. 295 Xichang Road, Kunming, Yunnan Province
Tel: (86871) 532-4888

Food & Groceries

The dining hall offers all kinds of Chinese food and is cheap; it is possible to spend as little as around RMB 10 a day. Alternatively, take a short ten-minute walk from the campus to find Korean, Japanese, Thai and Western restaurants. There are many restaurants and bars popular with international students near Yunnan University on Wen Lin Jie and Wen Hua Xiang.

For stationery, there is a small bookstore on campus. A cafe and grocery store are also available, while an internet cafe is located just ten minutes walking distance from the university.

Postal Services

There is a post office located inside the university, from which students can send and receive mail and packages from all over the world.


Single rooms and double rooms are available in foreign students' dormitories. Each room is equipped with standard facilities including a bed, chair, desk, television, telephone and toilet. There are no kitchens, refrigerators or washing machines in the dormitories. To set up an internet connection, students can go to the post office, paying a usage fee.


From the airport to the university: 20 km which is approximately 30 minutes by taxi

From the train station to the university: 10 km which is approximately 10 minutes by taxi

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