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CCTV 9 Interview on PRC Study - China Holiday

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China Holiday for International Students

And welcome back, summer vacation has arrived and many international students return home to enjoy their summer time, but some choose to stay and spend the holidays in a very different way. Liu Ming reports.

23 years old Ms Sophia Bouvand [a student with PRC Study] is a French student, who studies in Beijing, she keeps herself busy during the summer break with an internship at a HongKong based company. Sophia plans to pursue a career in international trade when she completes her schooling.

Bouvand states in Chinese, "More and more western companies are doing business with China. There will be lots of opportunities here. So I want to have some work experience and improve my Chinese during the summer holidays."

American Jeanne Pilkerton [student with PRC Study] will spend her holidays traveling throughout China with her parents. She is eager to share the experience with her family who will be making their first trip to China.

Sally Ann Pilkerton [Mother of Jeanne Pilkerton] states, " We've been to the Great Wall in Beijing. We are going to Shanghai which we are very excited about. We will spend about 5 days in Shanghai and we will go back to the States. We are going to see the gardens over in Shanghai, and do the touring and see the acrobatic show one evening, which we are looking forward to бн and we've had a great time in Beijing."

In recent years, a raising number of international students have chosen to pursue careers in China. Many of them are even thinking of having families in the country.

Reporter Liu Ming [CCTV9] states, "For many foreign students, China is mysterious and well beyond their grasp. Indeed the two months holiday may not be long enough to make their Chinese fluent. But their impressions of the country will surely have a lasting impact."

Date: Friday, July 14, 2006
Anchor: Mr. Cao Ri, News Hours
Reporter: Liu Ming
TV Station: CCTV9

Briefly About CCTV-9

CCTV-9 is the only all-English national channel in China, mainly to reporting news and information to its global audience, with a special focus on China news.

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