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PRC Study Videos

Click below to see CCTV 9 News on PRC Study or click to hear directly from students about their own personal experience about learning Mandarin Chinese with PRC Study. Additionally, you can read below to learn more about the growing importance of the Chinese language in the world today and why people are choosing to study Mandarin in China.

Study in China China Fever - CCTV 9 Interview on PRC Study
PRC Study, recognized for bringing in many international students of all nationalities to China to study Mandarin Chinese was interviewed by CCTV 9.
Click on CCTV 9 News on Mandarin Chinese - Focus on PRC Study to see the news broadcast.

Learn Mandarin in China China Holiday - CCTV 9 Interview on PRC Study
More international students are choosing to pursue careers in China. CCTV 9 interviewed two PRC study students to see why they are studying Mandarin Chinese and to find out what they will do during their summer holidays. Click on China Holiday for International Students to see the news broadcast.

Learn Chinese Language in China Andreas Fubel, Germany Student Interview
Andreas Fubel from Germany study Mandarin Chinese with PRC Study for 9 months. Here he shares his reasons for why he thinks learning Mandarin Chinese is so important in today's world. Click on Andreas Fubel to see his video interview.

Study Abroad in China Gerald Chaston, Australia Student Interview
Gerald Chaston from Australia studied Mandarin Chinese at the PRC-CIE Academy. Here he sings a traditional Chinese folk song about youth, love and passion in Mandarin. Click on Gerald Chaston to see him perform the Chinese song.

China Internship Joe Chang, New Zealand Student Interview
Joe Chang, a doctor from Australia, shares with us his reasons for learning Mandarin Chinese and his 2 months experience with studying at the PRC-CIE Academy, stating he likes the small class sizes which he found very helpful. Click on Joe Chang to see his video interview.s

Learn Chinese at Top Chinese Universities Sergey Mikhail Morgachev, Russia Student Interview
Sergey Mikhail Morgachev from Russia talks about how he feels learning Mandarin Chinese is important for his future career and his 5 months experience with PRC-CIE Academy on learning Mandarin. Click on Sergey Morgachev to hear him speak Mandarin Chinese.

Study Mandarin Chinese in China Xerxes Prospero (Yat-Sen) Nepomuceno, The Netherlands - Interview
Yat-Sen from Curacao in the Netherlands is a business person who shares with us his 3 months experience with PRC Study's Mandarin Chinese and China Business Program. Here we discover Yat-Sen loves to eat! Click on Yat-Sen to hear his comments and feedback.

The Growing Importance of Mandarin Chinese Worldwide

Some Facts

  • Nearly a billion people speak Mandarin Chinese (double the amount of people speaking English)
  • Estimated 30 million outside of China are studying Chinese
  • About 2500 universities and colleges in more than 100 countries have established Chinese language programs
  • Number of foreign students in China in crease by 20% a year

Main reasons for studying in China:

  • Low cost of living
  • Social stability
  • Economic growth
  • International influence
  • Future job opportunities

Refer to Chart

  • Current 20 percent average annual growth rate in foreign student enrollments.
  • In 2004, there were 103,361 foreign students studying in China; in 2005, there were 141,087 foreign students in China, an increase of 36.5%.
  • China recruited more than 140,000 foreign college students from over 190 countries in 2005.

(Xinhua News)

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Study Mandarin Chinese in China
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