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Learn Mandarin Chinese in China
Study Mandarin Chinese in China
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Study Chinese Language in China
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Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese
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Why Study Mandarin Chinese Abroad in China?

Learning a foreign language is not just about words you learn in a classroom but about the overall China experience, the benefits of which will stay with you forever!
10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in China

- For language, work, business, travel, & cultural experience

Have you considered studying abroad in China, but are not sure whether it's worth your time. Ask anyone who has taken the adventure to study abroad, he or she will tell you that it's a life-changing experience and one of the most rewarding things one could do. Perhaps you're not certain what benefits you can reap from an extended stay in a foreign country. Here are some excellent reasons why you should study abroad in China:

  1. Study abroad in China is the optimal way to learn Mandarin Chinese
    The best and most effective way to learn a language is to live it! Studying abroad in China then becomes a 24 hour classroom where you're surrounded by locals who speak the language in the proper cultural context. Under these circumstances, you can improve your Mandarin Chinese language skills more quickly.

  2. Study abroad in China provides the opportunity to travel
    Give yourself an opportunity to travel and see China, one's of the world's fastest growing economies. By studying abroad you can go to places you might not otherwise visit. And on weekends and academic breaks there are opportunities to venture out and explore other surrounding areas - both your immediate and more distant places.

  3. Study abroad in China allows you to experience Chinese culture first-hand
    Steeped in a 3000 year history, Chinese Culture is not just reflected in its language, food, traditions, and landmarks, but also reflected in the people's customs, perceptions, beliefs, and values. Having the opportunity to personally experience Chinese culture first-hand can truly deepen your appreciation of the world.

  4. Study abroad in China is character building
    Being immersed in an entirely new culture and country is actually quite exciting. It's an opportunity for you to discover new strengths and abilities. It is character building as the experiences you encounter will give you more insights and knowledge, as well as help you to develop new skills.

  5. Study abroad in China enhances your employment opportunities
    As the world and international markets becomes more globalized, did you know more and more companies and government are increasingly investing money in China. Through an employer's eyes, a person who has studied abroad in China is driven, motivated, willing to embrace challenges, and able to cope with different situations. Your experience of living and studying in a foreign country, understanding its culture and acquiring another language skill will set you apart from other job applicants and make you more attractive to employers.

  6. Study abroad in China offers you a chance to develop a greater career
    Foreigners who are fluent in Mandarin Chinese and knowledgeable about the China market are in great demand, especially in the business and government sectors worldwide. For foreigners working or doing business in China or wanting to learn more about Chinese cultural heritage, having Mandarin Chinese language skills are essential.

  7. Study abroad in China offers you networking opportunities and global friendships
    When studying abroad in China, you will not only make new friends with local Chinese people, but you will also meet other international students from all different parts of the world. In this manner, you will have the opportunity to learn a great deal more about other cultures, and come to better understand other peoples' ways of thinking. Visit PRC Study's Student Demographics to find out who participates in our programs and read what students have to say in our Student Feedback.

  8. Study abroad in China gives you the opportunity to break out of your regular routine
    Study abroad will offer you an opportunity to break from your regular routine and to experience and learn in a new environment. You will likely experience an entirely new academic system and you will have the chance to take courses not regularly offered in your home country. It's also a great opportunity to break out the monotony of the routine you follow day after day.

  9. Study abroad in China can enhance the value of your degree
    While abroad, you can take courses you would never have had the opportunity to take on your home campus. In addition, study abroad gives your language skills such a boost that it is normally quite easy to add a minor in a language or even a second major without having to take many more additional courses after the return to your home university.

  10. Study abroad in China offers fun and adventure
    Life abroad in China is full of fun and adventure. There is now so much going on and so much to see and do in China! You can explore the mystery of this ancient country by visiting historical and cultural attractions, as well as be amazed by contemporary landmarks which are nestled in cheek by jowl with temples, parts, museums, and palaces of ancient times. There are many interesting hang-outs surely different from that found in your home country; and on weekends you can explore the many picturesque suburbs and towns.

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The Growing Importance of Mandarin Chinese Worldwide

Some Facts
  • Nearly a billion people speak Mandarin Chinese (double the amount of people speaking English)
  • Estimated 30 million outside of China are studying Chinese
  • About 2500 universities and colleges in more than 100 countries have established Chinese language programs
  • Number of foreign students in China increase by 20% a year

Main reasons for studying in China

  • Economic growth
  • Future job opportunities
  • International influence
  • Social stability
  • Relatively low cost of living

Refer to Chart

  • Current 20 percent average annual growth rate in foreign student enrollments.
  • In 2004, there were 103,361 foreign students studying in China; in 2005, there were 141,087 foreign students in China, an increase of 36.5%.
  • China recruited more than 140,000 foreign college students from over 190 countries in 2005.

         (Xinhua News)

Study Mandarin Chinese in China

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Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese
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